BE Automobile Engineering Semester 8 (BE Fourth Year)University of Mumbai

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Vehicle Dynamics Semester 8 (BE Fourth Year) BE Automobile Engineering University of Mumbai Topics and Syllabus

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Topics with syllabus and resources

100.00 Module 1
101.00 Fundamentals of Vehicle Dynamics
  • Road loads, Aerodynamics - Drag, side force, Lift force, Rolling resistance, Total road loads, Ride, Vehicle response properties, Perception of ride.
102.00 Tyres
  • Tyre construction,
  • Tractive properties,
  • Cornering properties,
  • Camber thrust, Aligning moment,
  • Combined braking and cornering,
  • Conicity and ply steer,
  • Tire vibrations,
  • Tyre properties affecting vehicle rollove
200.00 Module 2
201.00 Suspension Systems
  • Fundamental approach to vehicle modeling,
  • Single mass system with two degree of freedom,
  • Theory and problems of double Conjugate points,
  • Motion after the hump, Acceleration for stepped input, Solid axles, Independent suspensions, Anti- Squat and anti- pitch suspension geometry, Equalizing type of suspension, Active suspension, Semi Active.
300.00 Module 3
301.00 Roll Center of Suspension Linkages
  • Roll Center of suspension linkages,
  • Roll axes and roll angles, Non- Roll layout, No Roll suspensions,
  • Vehicle Rollover Characteristics of on road rollover, Rollover résistance,
  • Anti rollover Braking, Anti- roll bar and its effects Equation of Motion Euler’s equation of motion,
  • Inertia tensor axes
400.00 Module 4
401.00 Steering Systems
  • Steering geometry,
  • Front wheel geometry,
  • Steering system forces and, moments,
  • Steering system effects,
  • Influence of front wheel drive, Four wheel steering, Steering oscillations, Shimmy & wheel wobble, Jack
  • Knifing of articulated vehicles
500.00 Module 5
501.00 Handling Characteristics
  • Steady state cornering,
  • Low speed turning,
  • High speed cornering
  • Stability derivatives ( Derivation and problems ),
  • Suspension effect of cornering,
  • Steady state and Transient behavior
600.00 Module 6
601.00 Recent Trends in Vehicle Dynamics
  • Stability Control systems,
  • Introduction of vehicle sensors,
  • Central tyre, inflation systems,
  • Influence of parameters at vehicle rollover,
  • Vehicle dynamics simulations

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