BE Civil Engineering Semester 7 (BE Fourth Year)University of Mumbai

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Traffic Engineering and Control Semester 7 (BE Fourth Year) BE Civil Engineering University of Mumbai Topics and Syllabus

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Topics with syllabus and resources

100.00 Traffic Engineering and Control
  • Various traffic surveys and traffic studies: Speed, journey time and delay survey and studies, vehicle volume count classification and occupancy.
200.00 Origin-destination Surveys Andparking Survey
  • Origin-Destination Studies: Purpose, various methods of conducting OD studies with pros and cons of each method, interpretation of the analysis results of O-D studies, utility Parking Survey: Purpose, different types of parking surveys, methods of conducting parking surveys and interpretation of the results.
300.00 Statistical Methods for Traffic Engineering and Their Applications
  • Distributions, sampling theory and significance testing, regression and correlation.
400.00 Intersection Design
  • Principles, various available alternatives, rotary design, mini round about, traffic signals: types of traffic signals, advantages, determination of optimal cycle time and signal setting for an intersection with fixed time signals, coordination of signals, types area traffic control, delay at signalized intersection.
500.00 Accidents and Road Safety
  • Accident cause, recording system, analysis and preventive measures, accident cost, alternative methodologies for calculation.
600.00 Traffic Management
  • Various measures and their scope, relative merits and demerits.
700.00 Highway Capacity
  • Passenger’s car units, level of service, factor affecting capacity and level of service, influence of mixed traffic, capacity and level of service analysis
800.00 Highway Lighting
  • Need for street lighting, important definitions, law of illumination, discernment by artificial lighting, mounting height, spacing, lantern arrangements, types of lamps, lighting of some important highway structures
900.00 Traffic Signs and Markings

General principle of traffic signing, types of traffic signs, design of signs, location and maintenance of signs, different types of road marking, marking design, marking maintenance, introduction to intelligent transportation systems.

1000.00 Theory of Traffic Flow
  • Scope, definitions and basic relationship, review of flow density speed studies, hydrodynamic analogies, application of hydrodynamic analogy, Lighthill and Whitams theory, car-following theory and its application to traffic engineering, probabilistic description of traffic flow, an introduction to queuing theory as applied to traffic flow problems for study state conditions, fundamentals of traffic stimulation modeling.
1100.00 Network Flow Problems and Entropy in Transportation
  • Wardope principles of equilibrium, graph theoretic approach, network flows, minimum path trees, primal level solutions, introduction to entropy in transportation.
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