BE Computer Engineering Semester 4 (SE Second Year)University of Mumbai

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Topics and Syllabus - BE Computer Engineering Theoretical Computer Science Semester 4 (SE Second Year) University of Mumbai

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Topics with syllabus and resources

1 Introduction
syllabus ▼ 
2 Regular Grammar (RG)
syllabus ▼ 
3 Finite Automata
syllabus ▼ 
4 Regular Language (RL)
syllabus ▼ 
5 Context Free Grammars (CFG)
syllabus ▼ 
6 Pushdown Automata (PDA)
syllabus ▼ 
7 Turing Machine (TM)
syllabus ▼ 
8 Undecidability and Recursively Enumerable Languages
syllabus ▼ 
9 Comparison of Scope of Languages and Machines
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