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System Approach in Civil Engineering Semester 7 (BE Fourth Year) BE Civil Engineering University of Mumbai Topics and Syllabus

CBCGS [2019 - current]
CBGS [2015 - 2018]
Old [2000 - 2014]


100 Concept of Systems Approach
  • System, boundaries of system, goals and objectives, optimality,
  • Mathematical models, objective function and constraints,
  • Problem solving mechanism, types of problems, modeling/problem formulation,
  • Sub-optimization, solution techniques,
  • Sensitivity Analysis
200 Decision Theory
  • Classification of decision situations, decision tables and decision tree,
  • criteria for decision making under certain, uncertain and risk conditions,
  • Utility theory.
300 Time Series Analysis
  • Variations in time series,
  • Trend analysis: method of moving averages
  • Method of least squares
400 Linear Programming
  • Formulation of Linear optimization models, Civil engineering applications.
  • Simplex method, special cases in simplex method,
  • Method of Big M, Two phase method, duality, sensitivity analysis General nature of problem, formulation of problems
  • Graphical nature and formulation of problem, method of solution,
  • Sensitivity analysis
500 Non-linear Programming
  • Single variable unconstrained optimization –Local and Global optima, Uni-modal Function
  • Sequential Search Techniques: Dichotomous, Fibonacci, Golden Section methods.
600 Distribution Models
  • Transportation problems and its variants
  • Assignment problems and its variants
  • Games Theory
700 Queuing, Sequencing and Replacement Models
  • Queuing Theory, queue discipline, Simulation
  • Sequencing model – n jobs through 2, 3 and M machines
  • Replacement Models
800 Dynamic Programming
  • Multi stage decision processes, Principle of optimality, Recursive equation, Application of D.P.
  • Decision theory
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