BE Construction Engineering Semester 4 (SE Second Year)University of Mumbai
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Topics and Syllabus - Surveying 2 M.Sc. University of Mumbai

Topics with syllabus and resources

1 Tacheometric Surveying
1.01 Principle, Purpose, Uses, Advantages
syllabus ▼ 
1.02 Application in Plane Table and Curve Setting
1.03 Radial Contouring
2 Curves-horizontal
2.01 Definitions of Different Terms
syllabus ▼ 
2.02 Simple Circular Curves and Compound Curves
syllabus ▼ 
2.03 Reverse and Transition Curve
syllabus ▼ 
2.04 Difficulties in Setting Out Curves and Solution for the Same
3 Curves- Vertical
3.01 Definitions, Necessity, Geometry and Types
3.02 Tangent Correction and Chord Gradient Methods
3.03 Sight Distance on a Vertical Curve
4 Setting Out Works
4.01 General Horizontal and Vertical Control
syllabus ▼ 
4.02 Setting Out a Foundation Plans
syllabus ▼ 
4.03 Project/Route Survey for Bridge, Dam and Canal
syllabus ▼ 
5 Modern Surveying Instruments
5.01 Electronics in Surveying
syllabus ▼ 
5.02 Electronic Digital Theodolite
syllabus ▼ 
5.03 Use of Computer in Surveying
syllabus ▼ 
6 Modern Methods of Surveying
6.01 Global Positioning System (Gps)
syllabus ▼ 
6.02 Remote Sensing
syllabus ▼ 
6.03 Global Information System (Gis)
syllabus ▼