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Surveying 2 Semester 4 (SE Second Year) BE Construction Engineering University of Mumbai Topics and Syllabus

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CBCGS [2017 - current]
CBGS [2013 - 2016]
Old [2000 - 2012]

Topics with syllabus and resources

100.00 Tacheometric Surveying
101.00 Principle, Purpose, Uses, Advantages
  • Principle, purpose, uses, advantages and suitability of tacheometry,
  • different methods of tacheometry,
  • stadia formula, Stadia diagram and tables.
  • Subtense bar method.
102.00 Application in Plane Table and Curve Setting
103.00 Radial Contouring
200.00 Curves-horizontal
201.00 Definitions of Different Terms
  • Definitions of different terms,
  • necessity of curves and types of curves.
202.00 Simple Circular Curves and Compound Curves
  • Simple circular curves and compound curves,
  • office and field work,
  • linear methods of setting out curves,
  • Angular methods of setting out curves,
  • two theodolites and Rankine deflection angle method.
203.00 Reverse and Transition Curve
  • Reverse and transition curves, their properties and advantages, design of transition curves, shift, spiral angle.
  • Composite curves office and field level. Setting out of curves by angular method, composite curves problems.
204.00 Difficulties in Setting Out Curves and Solution for the Same
300.00 Curves- Vertical
301.00 Definitions, Necessity, Geometry and Types
302.00 Tangent Correction and Chord Gradient Methods
303.00 Sight Distance on a Vertical Curve
400.00 Setting Out Works
401.00 General Horizontal and Vertical Control
  • General horizontal and vertical control,
  • setting out of foundation plan for load bearing and framed structure,
  • batter board, slope and grade stakes, setting out with theodolite.
402.00 Setting Out a Foundation Plans
  • Setting out a foundation plans for building, sewer line, culvert, and use of laser for works;
  • Setting out center line for tunnel, transfer of levels for underground works.
403.00 Project/Route Survey for Bridge, Dam and Canal
  • Checking verticality of high rise structures.
500.00 Modern Surveying Instruments
501.00 Electronics in Surveying
  • Electronics in surveying,
  • various types of electronic distance measurements,
  • principles used, Application in surveying,
  • corrections for field observations
502.00 Electronic Digital Theodolite
  • Electronic digital theodolite – types and application.
  • Digital planimeter,
  • digital level Total station –various applications in surveying
503.00 Use of Computer in Surveying
  • Use of computer in surveying for reduction of levels,
  • plotting of contour plans,
  • L-section and C-section using various softwares
600.00 Modern Methods of Surveying
601.00 Global Positioning System (Gps)
  • Basic principles, GPS segments, receivers, computations of coordinates.
  • Applications in surveying
602.00 Remote Sensing
  • Definition, basic concepts, electromagnetic radiation and spectrum,
  • energy source and its characteristics,
  • image acquisition and image interpretation.
  • Application of remote sensing
603.00 Global Information System (Gis)
  • Geographical concepts and terminology,
  • advantages,
  • basic components of GIS,
  • data types,
  • GIS analysis, Applications of GIS.

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