Project Management Semester 6 (TE Third Year) BE Electrical Engineering University of Mumbai Topics and Syllabus

CBCGS [2018 - current]
CBGS [2014 - 2017]
Old [2000 - 2013]


100 Understanding Projects and Project Management
  • Difference between Project and Operation. Definition of Project & Project Management. Selection and Qualities of a Project Manager. Life cycle of Project. Project Management Methodologies & Growth.
200 Project Selection and Appraisal
  • Project ideas generation, Pre-Feasibility Analysis (SWOT). Feasibility Analysis-Market& Demand appraisal, Technical appraisal, Financial appraisal ( debt/equity ratio, different sources of finance, financial institution, Cash Flows, Profitability projections like PBP, NPV, IRR, Break–Even Analysis).
  • Risk analysis (Sensitivity analysis & Scenario Analysis). Economic Feasibility (SCBA-UNIDO approach). Preparing a detailed Project Proposal (Executive Summary)
300 Project Planning
  • Attributes & Definition of planning. WBS. Time Planning (PERT/CPM/Trade off). Material Planning (Procurement logistics & storage). Machines & Technology planning.
  • Human Resource Planning (Project Organization). Planning the cost (Budgeting). QAP. Planning of Risk Management. Statutory Clearances. Resource Allocation & Resource Leveling. Introduction & use of PM software.
400 Project Execution, Monitoring and Controlling

Motivation (Motivation Theories). Communication & Reporting (Types and Methods). Co-ordination. Management of scope. TQM. Stake Holder Management, Risk Management and Logistics Management.

500 Project Closure and Termination
  • Inspection. Testing. Transportation. Commissioning. Trial Run.
  • Documentation required for Project Handover. Preparing a Project Report for Future Reference.
600 Contracts Management
  • Types of contracts, Tendering (techno commercial aspects).
  • Negotiations and Awarding the contracts. Contract closure.

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