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Process Control and Instrumentation Semester 6 (TE Third Year) BE Biotechnology University of Mumbai Topics and Syllabus

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CBCGS [2018 - current]
CBGS [2014 - 2017]
Old [2000 - 2013]

University of Mumbai Semester 6 (TE Third Year) Process Control and Instrumentation Revised Syllabus

University of Mumbai Semester 6 (TE Third Year) Process Control and Instrumentation and their Unit wise marks distribution

Units and Topics

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100 Instrumentation
  • Instrumentation principles
  • Introduction to temperature and liquid level measurements
  • measurement of important physico-chemical and biochemical parameters
  • methods of on-line and off-line biomass estimation
  • flow injection analysis for measurement of substrates
  • products and other metabolites
200 First Order Systems
  • Process characteristics
  • Laplace transforms
  • first order systems examples
  • mercury in glass thermometer
  • liquid level system
  • linearization
  • response of first order system for step
  • pulse, impulse and sinusoidal changes in input
  • conceptual numericals
300 First Order Systems in Series
  • Interacting and non-interacting systems and their dynamic response to step, pulse and impulse inputs;
  • conceptual numericals
400 Second Order Systems
  • Second order systems with transfer functions (spring-damper, control valve, U-tube manometer)
  • Response of second order system to step, pulse / impulse and sinusoidal input Overdamped
  • Underdamped and critically damped condition of second order system
  • Transportation lag
500 Controllers and Final Control Elements
  • Actuators, Positioners, Valve body, Valve plugs
  • Characteristics of final control elements
  • Controllers two position control
  • Proportional control
  • Derivative control
  • Integral control
  • P-I (proportionalintegral) control
  • P-D (proportional- derivative) control
  • P-I-D (proportional-integral- derivative) control
  • Conceptual numericals
600 Closed Loop Control Systems
  • Block diagrams for servo and regulatory problems
  • Transient response of first and second order processes for set point changes and load changes with proportional and PI controllers
  • Conceptual numericals
700 Controller Design and Stability
  • Criteria for stability
  • Routh test
  • Root locus analysis
  • Introduction to frequency response
  • Qualitative discussion about Bode criteria and Nyquist criteria
  • Controller tuning- Gain & Phase margin
  • Conceptual numerical on Routh test
  • Root locus and Bode plot
800 Bioprocesses Dynamics and Control
  • Dynamics and control of bioreactors & sterilizers
  • On-line data analysis for state and parameter estimation techniques for biochemical processes
  • Complex control strategies such as feed forward, cascade, adapter, supervisory, multi variable controls and their application for optimum controls
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