BE Electrical Engineering Semester 8 (BE Fourth Year)University of Mumbai

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Power Quality Semester 8 (BE Fourth Year) BE Electrical Engineering University of Mumbai Topics and Syllabus

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Topics with syllabus and resources

100.00 Introduction
  • Disturbances, Unbalance, Distortion, Voltage Fluctuations, Flicker, Quality Assessment.
200.00 Harmonics
  • Definition of harmonics, odd and even harmonics, Harmonic phase rotation and phase angle relationship, Causes of voltage and current harmonics, nonsinusoidal voltage and current waveform equations(numerical included), individual and total harmonic distortion with problems, Power assessment under waveform distortion with numerical.
300.00 Power Quality Monitoring and Standards
  • Introduction, transducers current transformers, voltage transformers, Power quality instrumentation, Harmonic monitoring, Power quality standards IEEE 519.
400.00 Effects of Harmonics
  • Rotating Machines – Transformers – Cables – Capacitors – Harmonic resonance – Voltage Notching – EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) – Overloading of Neutral conductor– Protective relays and Meters.
500.00 Power Factor and Its Improvement Under Sinusoidal and Non-sinusoidal Conditions
  • Power factor when both voltage and current sinusoidal, Power factor compensation using capacitor (vector diagram and numerical included), power factor when voltage is sinusoidal and current is non-sinusoidal (numerical included), Effect of capacitor compensation in power factor improvement under non-sinusoidal condition.
600.00 Harmonic Mitigation and Power Factor Improvement
  • Mitigation of harmonics- Passive filters- Advantages and disadvantages of passive filters- Active filters-shunt connection, series connection and hybrid connection( Detailed diagram with inverters and its working), Power factor improvement using shunt active filter(both reactive power and harmonic power compensation), Generating reference currents for shunt active filter using Instantaneous PQ Theory

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