BE Mechanical Engineering Semester 7 (BE Fourth Year)University of Mumbai

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Power Plant Engineering Semester 7 (BE Fourth Year) BE Mechanical Engineering University of Mumbai Topics and Syllabus

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Topics with syllabus and resources

100.00 Module 1
101.00 Introduction
  • Energy resources and their availability,
  • types of power plants,
  • selection of the plants,
  • review of basic thermodynamic cycles used in power plants.
200.00 Module 2
201.00 Hydro Electric Power Plants
  • Rainfall and run-off measurements and plotting of various curves for estimating stream flow and size of reservoir,
  • power plants design,
  • construction and operation of different components of hydro-electric power plants, site selection,
  • comparison with other types of power plants
300.00 Module 3
301.00 Steam Power Plants
  • Flow sheet and working of modern-thermal power plants,
  • super critical pressure steam stations,
  • site selection,
  • coal storage,
  • preparation,
  • coal handling systems,
  • feeding and burning of pulverized fuel,
  • ash handling systems,
  • dust collection-mechanical dust collector and electrostatic precipitator
400.00 Module 4
401.00 Combined Cycles
  • Constant pressure gas turbine power plants,
  • Arrangements of combined plants (steam & gas turbine power plants),
  • repowering systems with gas production from coal,
  • using PFBC systems,
  • with organic fluids,
  • parameters affecting thermo dynamic efficiency of combined cycles Problems.
500.00 Module 5
501.00 Nuclear Power Plants
  • Principles of nuclear energy,
  • basic nuclear rea ctions,
  • nuclear reactorsPWR, BWR, CANDU,
  • Sodium graphite, fast breeder,
  • homogeneous; gas cooled.
  • Advantages and limitations,
  • nuclear power station, waste disposal.
600.00 Module 6
601.00 Power Plant Economics
  • Load curve, different terms and definitions,
  • cost of electrical energy,
  • tariffs methods of electrical energy,
  • performance & operating characteristics of power plants- incremental rate theory,
  • input-out put curves, efficiency,
  • heat rate, economic load sharing, Problems.
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