BE Chemical Engineering Semester 7 (BE Fourth Year)University of Mumbai

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Petroleum Refining Technology Semester 7 (BE Fourth Year) BE Chemical Engineering University of Mumbai Topics and Syllabus

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CBGS [2015 - 2018]
Old [2000 - 2014]

Topics with syllabus and resources

100.00 Origin Formation and Composition of Petroleum
  • Origin theory, Reserves and deposits of world.
  • Types of crude and Indian crude types.
  • Exploration Reserves
200.00 Refinery Products and Feedstock and Fuels
201.00 Refinery Products and Feedstock
  • Overall refinery flow.
  • Low boiling products.
  • Gasoline Specifications.
202.00 Fuels
  • Jet fuels, automotive diesel fuels.
  • Oils:-Heating Oils, Residual fuel Oils, Crude Oil properties, Composition of petroleum, Crude suitable for asphalt manufacture.
  • Crude distillation curves.
  • Distillation characteristics.
  • Petrochemical Feedstock.
300.00 Fractionation of Petroleum
  • Dehydration and desalting of crude, Heating of Crude Pipe still Heaters.
  • Multi-component Fractionation of Petroleum including pumparound and side-stripping.Blending of gasoline.
  • Over lead corrosion in distillation unit.
400.00 Treatment Techniques and Product Specifications
  • Fraction impurities treatment of gasoline, Treatment of kerosene, Treatment of Lubes.
  • Wax and purification.
500.00 Catalytic Cracking and Thermal Process
  • Fluidised bed catalytic cracking, Catalytic reforming, Coking, Hydrogen Process Hydro cracking, Hydrodesulphurization, Hydro-Treatment.
  • Alkalyation process, Isomerisation Proccess, Polymer gasoline.
600.00 Asphalt Technology
  • Source of Asphalt.
  • Air Blowing of Bitumen up-gradation of heavy crude.
  • Brief review about bio-refinery
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