BE Chemical Engineering Semester 5 (TE Third Year)University of Mumbai

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Mass Transfer Operations 1 Semester 5 (TE Third Year) BE Chemical Engineering University of Mumbai Topics and Syllabus

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Topics with syllabus and resources

100.00 Molecular Diffusion in Gases and Liquid
  • Basics of Molecular Diffusion, Fick’s First Law of Molecular Diffusion, Various fluxes and relations between them, Molecular Diffusion in binary gas mixtures – Steady state diffusion of one component in non-diffusing second component, Equimolal counter diffusion of two components.
  • Molecular Diffusion in binary liquid solutions – Steady state diffusion of one component in non-diffusing second component, Steady State Equimolal counter diffusion of two components.
  • Diffusivity of gases.
  • Theoretical and experimental determination of diffusivities, Diffusivities of liquids – Theoretical Determination.
  • Diffusion in Solids:- Ficks law of diffusion in solids, Types of Solid Diffusion, Diffusion through Polymers, Diffusion through Crystalline Solids, Diffusion in Porous Solids
200.00 Mass Transfer Coefficients
  • Definition of Mass Transfer Coefficient, F-Type and K-Type Mass Transfer Coefficients and relations between them, Mass Transfer Coefficients in Laminar and Turbulent Flow.
  • Heat, Mass and Momentum Transfer Analogies and dimensionless numbers, Interphase Mass Transfer – Individual and Overall Mass Transfer Coefficients and relation between them.
  • Methods of contacting two insoluble phases – Continuous Contact, Stage-wise Contact.
300.00 Equipments for Gas-liquid Contacting
  • Classification of equipments for gas-liquid contacting
  • Gas dispersed and liquid continuous phase – Sparged Vessels (Bubble Columns), Mechanically Agitated Vessels, Tray Towers.
  • Liquid dispersed phase and gas continuous phase – Venturi Scrubbers, Wetted Wall Towers, Spray Towers and Spray Chambers, Packed Towers.
  • Comparison of Packed Towers with Tray Towers
400.00 Gas Absorption
  • Solubility of gases in liquids, Effect of temperature and pressure on solubility, Ideal and Non-ideal solutions, Choice of solvent for gas absorption
  • Single component gas absorption – Cross Current, Co-current, Countercurrent, Multistage Counter current Operation.
  • Absorption with Chemical Reactions.
500.00 Drying
  • Introduction to drying, Equilibrium, Different types of moisture contents, Rate of Drying and drying curve, Batch Drying and calculation of time of drying, Continuous
600.00 Humidification and Dehumidification
  • Introduction, Vapour Pressure Curve, Properties of Vapour-Gas mixtures [Understanding various terms]
  • Theory of wet bulb temperature, Adiabatic Saturation Curves, Humidity Charts
  • Adiabatic operation:- (Air water systems) water coolers, cooling towers
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