Limit State Method for Reinforced Concrete Structures Semester 7 (BE Fourth Year) BE Civil Engineering University of Mumbai Topics and Syllabus

CBCGS [2019 - current]
CBGS [2015 - 2018]
Old [2000 - 2014]


100 Ultimate Load Method
  • Brief introduction to fundamentals of ultimate strength theory: curved stress distribution, compressive stress block, simplified rectangular stress block as per Whitney’s approach, ultimate moment of resistance of singly reinforced section and doubly reinforced sections
200 Limit State Method
  • Introduction to limit state method of design as per IS 456 (latest edition): concepts of probability and reliability, characteristic loads, characteristic strength, partial safety factors for loads and materials, introduction to various limit states.
300 Limit State of Collapse – Flexure
  • Limit state of collapse in flexure, shear and Limit state of serviceability in deflection and cracking, design of singly and doubly reinforced rectangular and T sections for flexure, design of members in shear and bond, design of beam subjected to bending and torsion.
  • Requirements governing reinforcement detailing.
400 Design of Slabs
  • Design of one way and two way slabs
500 Limit State of Collapse – Compression

Limit state of collapse compression for short and slender column. Members subjected to combined axial and uni-axial as well as biaxial bending.

Development of interactive curves and their use in column design.

600 Design of Foundations
  • Isolated square and rectangular footings subjected to axial load and moments.
  • Design of combined rectangular pad footings, slab beam type footing and strap footing.

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