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Lasers and Fiber Optics Semester 8 (BE Fourth Year) BE Biomedical Engineering University of Mumbai Topics and Syllabus

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CBCGS [2019 - current]
CBGS [2015 - 2018]
Old [2000 - 2014]

University of Mumbai Semester 8 (BE Fourth Year) Lasers and Fiber Optics Revised Syllabus

University of Mumbai Semester 8 (BE Fourth Year) Lasers and Fiber Optics and their Unit wise marks distribution

Units and Topics

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100 Laser Fundamentals
  • Fundamental wave properties and quantum properties of light
  • Energy levels and Radiative properties
  • Absorption and Stimulated Emission
  • Laser Amplifiers
  • Laser Oscillation above threshold
  • Requirements for obtaining Population Inversion
  • Laser pumping requirements and techniques
  • Laser Resonators
  • Cavity modes
  • Laser interaction with tissue- Effects and principles
  • Thermal interaction between laser and tissue.
200 Laser Types ,Construction and Working
  • Laser system involving low density gain medium: He-Ne laser, Argon Ion Laser, HeCadmium laser, Carbon dioxide Laser, Excimer laser, Nitrogen Laser
  • Laser system involving high density gain medium: Solid State laser like Ruby laser, Nd-YAG Laser,Titanium Sapphire Laser,Fiber Lasers, Semiconductor Diode Laser.
300 Laser Safety
  • Practical Laser Safety requirements
  • Environmental safety
  • Equipment safety
  • Personnel protection
  • Education/training for handling laser equipments
  • Role of Laser Safety officer
  • Standards of practice for the use of Laser in medicine and Surgery
  • Recommendation Regarding the Laser safety officer
  • Hospital Laser Committee.
400 Optic Fibers Fundamentals
  • Light transmission in optical fibers- principles, optical properties of optical fibers
  • Fiber materials
  • Types of Optical fibers
  • Modes
  • Losses
  • Fabrication of optical fibers
  • Methods and Principle
  • Fiber Splicing
  • Fiber optic imaging
  • Biomedical Optical fibers
  • Invivo Applications.
500 Laser and Fiber Optics in Surgery
  • Introduction
  • Fiber optic laser systems in cardiovascular disease
  • Gastroenterology
  • Gynecology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Oncology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopedics
  • Otolaryngology (ENT)
  • Urology, and flow diagram for laser angioplasty
  • Laser and Fiber optics used in Skin.
600 Endoscopy
  • Basic Principle
  • System components and functions
  • Types of endoscopes
  • Video Endoscopes
  • Accessories
  • Maintenance
  • Endoscopy Processing room requirements
  • Medical Application
  • Leakage tester and Trouble shooting.
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