BE Electrical Engineering Semester 7 (BE Fourth Year)University of Mumbai

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High Voltage Engineering Semester 7 (BE Fourth Year) BE Electrical Engineering University of Mumbai Topics and Syllabus

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Topics with syllabus and resources

100.00 Electrostatic Fields, Their Control and Estimation
  • Electric field stress, its control and estimation, Analysis of electrical field intensity in Homogenous Isotropic Single dielectric and multi dielectric system, Numerical methods-Finite difference, Finite Element and Charge simulation methods for the estimation of Electric Field Intensity, Surge voltage, their distribution and control
200.00 Conduction and Breakdown in Air and Other Gaseous Dielectrics in Electric Fields
  • Collision Processes, Ionization processes, Townsend’s current growth equation-Primary and secondary processes, Townsend’s criterion for breakdown in electronegative gases. Limitation of Townsend’s theory, Paschen’s law, Breakdown in non-uniform fields and corona discharges, Post-breakdown phenomenon and application, Practical considerations in using gas for insulation purposes.(Numerical on Townsend’s theory, Paschen’s law)
300.00 Breakdown in Liquid and Solid Dielectrics
  • Liquid Dielectrics, Conduction and breakdown in pure liquids, Conduction and breakdown in commercial liquids.
  • Solid dielectrics, Intrinsic, Electro-mechanical and Thermal breakdown, Breakdown of solid dielectrics in practice, Breakdown of composite insulation, Properties of composite dielectrics, Solid dielectrics used in practice, Application of insulating materials in electrical power apparatus, electronic equipments.
400.00 Generation and Measurement of High Voltage and Currents
  • Generation of HV DC, HV AC and Impulse voltage,
  • Generation of impulse currents, Tripping and control of impulse generators,
  • Measurement of HVDC-High ohmic series resistance with micro-ammeter,
  • HVAC and impulse voltage-Resistance and capacitance voltage dividers,
  • Spark gap for measurement of High DC, AC and impulse voltages.
  • Measurement of High DC, AC and impulse currents (Numerical based on impulse generation, high DC voltage generation, optimum number of stages ).
500.00 Testing and Evaluation of Dielectric Materials and Power Apparatus
  • Non-destructive testing of dielectric materials,
  • DC resistivity measurement,
  • Dielectric and loss factor measurement,
  • Partial discharge measurement,
  • Testing of insulators, bushing,
  • isolators, circuit breakers,
  • cable, transformers, high voltage motors ,
  • surge diverters, Radio interference measurement
600.00 High Voltage Laboratory–Design, Planning and Layout
  • Size and dimensions of the equipment and their layout, Classification of HV laboratory, Earthing and its importance.

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