BE Chemical Engineering Semester 5 (TE Third Year)University of Mumbai

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Heat Transfer Operations 1 Semester 5 (TE Third Year) BE Chemical Engineering University of Mumbai Topics and Syllabus

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Topics with syllabus and resources

100.00 Introduction
  • Fundamentals of heat transfer, basic modes of heat transfer.
  • Concept of driving force and heat transfer coefficients, rate expressions for three modes i.e. conduction, convection, radiation
200.00 Steady State Conduction
  • Fourier’s Law, thermal conductivity, conduction through a flat slab, composite slab, conduction through a cylinder, composite cylinder, conduction through sphere, composite sphere.
  • Critical radius of insulation.
  • Concept of thermal resistance, fouling factors, Wilson plot, calculation of overall heat transfer coefficients.
300.00 Unsteady State Conduction
  • Lumped Parameter Analysis -systems with negligible internal resistance.
  • Biot number, Fourier number, Heating a body under conditions of negligible surface resistance, heating a body with finite surface and internal resistance, heat transfer to a semi-infinite wall.
400.00 Heat Transfer by Convection
  • Fundamental considerations in convective heat transfer, significant parameters in convective heat transfer such as momentum diffusivity, thermal diffusivity, Prandtl number, Nusselt number, dimensional analysis of convective heat transfer-Natural and Forced convection, convective heat transfer correlations for internal and external flows, equivalent diameter for heat transfer, estimation of wall temperature, correlations for heat transfer by natural convection from hot surfaces of different geometries and inclination.
500.00 Heat Transfer in Condensation and Boiling
  • Introduction, types of condensation, Nusselt’s theory of condensation, correlations for vertical and horizontal tube, plate, for stack of tubes etc.
  • Heat transfer to boiling liquids, regimes of pool boiling of saturated liquid, correlations for estimating the boiling heat transfer coefficients.
600.00 Steam
  • Properties of steam.
  • Steam generation by utilizing process waste heat, efficient use of steam in plant.
700.00 Heat Transfer Through Extended Surfaces
  • Longitudinal, transverse and radial fins, calculations with different boundary conditions, efficiency and effectiveness of fin, calculation of rate of heat transfer.
800.00 Heat Exchangers
  • Classification and types of heat exchangers, Double pipe heat exchanger, calculation of LMTD, effectiveness NTU method.
  • Introduction to Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger.
  • Heat transfer in agitated vesse
900.00 Radiation Heat Transfer
  • Emissivity, absorptivity, black body, grey body, opaque body, Stephan Boltzmann law, Kirchoff’s law.
  • Equations for rate of heat transfer by radiation for various cases.
  • Basic unsteady state radiation heat transfer.
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