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Fluid Mechanics 1 Semester 3 (SE Second Year) BE Construction Engineering University of Mumbai Topics and Syllabus

CBCGS [2017 - current]
CBGS [2013 - 2016]
Old [2000 - 2012]


100 Properties of Fluids
  • Mass density, weight density, specific gravity, specific volume, viscosity, compressibility and elasticity, surface tension, capillarity, vapour pressure, types of fluids, basic concepts applicable to fluid mechanics.
200 Fluid Statics
201 Pascal’S Law
  • Pascal’s law, hydrostatic law, pressure variation in fluids at rest. Absolute, atmospheric, gauge pressure, measurement of pressures.
202 Hydrostatic Force on Surface
  • Hydrostatic force on surface,
  • total pressure and centre of pressure,
  • total pressure on horizontal plane surface,
  • vertical plane surface, Inclined plane surface,
  • centre of pressure for vertical plane surface and for inclined plane surface,
  • practical applications of total pressure and centre of pressure on dams, gates, and tanks.
203 Buoyancy and Flotation
  • Buoyancy and flotation, Archimedes principle, Metacentre, metacentric height, Stability of floating and submerged bodies, determination of metacentric height, metacentric height for floating bodies containing liquid, Time period of Transverse oscillations of floating bodies.
300 Liquids in Relative Equilibrium
  • Fluid mass subjected to uniform linear acceleration,
  • liquid containers subjected to constant horizontal acceleration and vertical acceleration,
  • fluid containers subjected to constant rotation with axis vertical and horizontal.
400 Fluid Kinematics
  • Types of fluid flow, description of flow pattern, Lagrangian methods, Eulerian method, continuity equation, velocity and acceleration of fluid particles, velocity potential and stream function, streamline, streak line, path line, equipotential lines and flow net, uses of flow net, rotational and irrotational motions, circulation and vorticity.
500 Fluid Dynamics
  • Control volume and control surface, Forces acting on fluid in motion, NavierStokes Equation, Euler’s Equation of motion , Integration of Euler’s equations of motion, Bernoulli’s Theorem and its derivation , Bernoulli’s equation for compressible fluid and real fluid, applications of Bernoulli’s Equation - Venturimeter, Orifice meter, nozzle meter, pitot tube
600 Orifices and Mouthpieces
601 Classification of Orifices
  • Classification of orifices, flow through orifices, determination of hydraulic coefficients, flow through large rectangular orifice, flow through fully submerged and partially submerged orifice, time of emptying a tank through an orifice at its bottom
602 Classification of Mouthpieces
  • Classification of Mouthpieces, Flow through external cylindrical mouthpiece, convergent-divergent mouthpiece, Borda’s mouthpieces.
700 Notches and Weirs
  • Classification of notches and weirs, discharge over a rectangular, triangular, trapezoidal notch/weir, velocity of approach, stepped notch, Cipolleti weir, broad crested weir, ogee weir, discharge over a submerged weir, ventilation of weirs.
800 Introduction to Ideal Fluid Flow
801 Uniform Flow
  • Uniform flow, source and Sink, free vortex flow, superimposed flow, doublet
802 Flow Past a Half Body
  • Flow past a half body, flow past a Rankine oval body and flow past a cylinder.
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