BE Civil Engineering Semester 6 (TE Third Year)University of Mumbai

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Environmental Engineering-1 Semester 6 (TE Third Year) BE Civil Engineering University of Mumbai Topics and Syllabus

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CBGS [2014 - 2017]
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Topics with syllabus and resources

100.00 Water
101.00 Man’S Environment
  • Man’s environment; Importance of environmental sanitation
  • Water supply systems: need for planned water supply schemes, Sources of water, components of water supply system determination of their design capacities, Quantity of water, Water demand, Population forecasting methods with numerical. Types of Intake structures.
102.00 Distribution Systems
  • Requirements of good distribution systems.
  • Lay out of distribution networks, advantage, disadvantages, Methods of distribution. Design of distribution networks (Hardy cross method)
103.00 Quality of Water

wholesomeness palatability, physical, chemical, Biological standards.

Treatment of water; impurities in water- processes for their removal- typical flow sheets.

Sedimentation : Theory of sedimentation, Types, factors affecting efficiency, design of sedimentation tank, tube settlers Coagulation flocculation ; mechanisms, common coagulations, rapid mixing flocculating devices, G GT values, Jar test, coagulant aids – Polyelectrolyte etc.


Filtration: classification, slow and rapid sand filters, dual media filters, gravel under drainage system, mode of action, cleaning, limitations, operational difficulties, performance, basic design consideration, pressure filters: construction & operation.

Water softening: lime soda base exchange methods, Principle reactions, design considerations, sludge disposal.

Miscellaneous Treatments : removal of Iron, Manganese, taste, odour, colour, principles methods, de-fluoridation, reverse osmosis

Disinfection : chlorination, chemistry of chlorination, kinetics of disinfection, chlorine demand, free combined chlorine, break point chlorination, super chlorination, dechlorination, chlorine residual, uses of iodine, ozone, ultra violet rays, chlorine dioxide as disinfectants, well water disinfection

200.00 Municipal Solid Waste Management

Solid waste : Sources, Types , composition, Physical biological properties of solid wastes, sources types of hazardous infectious wastes in municipal solid wastes Solid waste generation collection, storage, handling , transportation, processing Treatment disposal methods.

Material separation recycle, physic- chemical biological stabilization solidification thermal methods, of disposal, site remediation, leachate & its control.

Hazardous wastes: Effects of hazardous waste on environment & its disposal

300.00 Building Water Supply

Introduction, per capita supply, service connections from main, storage of water supply systems in a building, sizing of pipes, water meters

Fixtures and fittings: Introduction, classification of fixtures, special accessories, fittings. Pipe material, Joints, Valves.

Design of pipes, primary & secondary branches, Laying of pipes, testing and maintenance of pipes.

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