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Engineering Mechanics Semester 1 (FE First Year) BE Civil Engineering University of Mumbai Topics and Syllabus

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CBCGS [2016 - current]
CBGS [2012 - 2015]
Old [2000 - 2011]


100 System of Coplanar Forces
  • Resultant of Concurrent forces, Parallel forces, Non Concurrent
  • Non Parallel system of forces, Moment of force about a point, Couples, Varignon’s Theorem. Distributed Forces in plane.
200 Center of Gravity and Centroid for Plane Laminas
300 Equilibrium of System of Coplanar Forces
  • Condition of equilibrium for concurrent forces, parallel forces and Non concurrent Non Parallel general forces and Couples.
400 Types of Support
  • Types of support, loads, Beams, Determination of reactions at supports for various types of loads on beams.
500 Analysis of Plane Trusses
  • Analysis of plane trusses by using Method of joints and Method of sections. (Excluding pin jointed frames)
600 Forces in Space
601 Resultant of Noncoplanar force systems
  • Resultant of Concurrent force system, Parallel force system and Nonconcurrent nonparallel force system.
602 Equilibrium of Noncoplanar force systems
  • Equilibrium of Concurrent force system
  • Parallel force system and Nonconcurrent nonparallel force system.
700 Friction
  • Introduction to Laws of friction
  • Cone of friction
  • Equilibrium of bodies on inclined plane
  • Application to problems involving wedges, ladders.
900 Kinematics of Particle
  • Velocity & acceleration in terms of rectangular co-ordinate system
  • Rectilinear motion
  • Motion along plane curved path
  • Tangential & Normal component of acceleration
  • Motion curves (a-t, v-t, s-t curves), Projectile motion, Relative velocities.
1000 Kinematics of Rigid Bodies
  • Introduction to general plane motion
  • Instantaneous center of rotation for the velocity
  • velocity diagrams for bodies in plane motion, (up to 2 linkage mechanism)
1100 Kinetics of a Particle
1101 Force and Acceleration
  • Introduction to basic concepts
  • D’Alemberts Principle
  • Equations of dynamic equilibrium
  • Newton’s Second law of motion.
1102 Work and Energy
  • Principle of Work and Energy
  • Law of Conservation of Energy
1103 Impulse and Momentum
  • Principle of Linear Impulse and Momentum.
  • Law of Conservation of momentum.
  • Impact and collision.
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