Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) Semester 5University of Mumbai

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Topics and Syllabus - Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) Elements of Logistics and Supply chain Management Semester 5 University of Mumbai

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Topics with syllabus and resources

1 Module 1
1.01 Building a Strategic Frame Work to Analyse Supply Chains
  • Supply chain stages and decision phases,
  • Process view of supply chain: Supply chain flows, Examples of supply chains, Competitive and supply chain strategies,
  • Achieving strategic fit: Expanding strategic scope, Drivers of supply chain performance.
  • Framework for structuring drivers: inventory, transportation facilities, information obstacles to achieving fit
2 Module 2
2.01 Designing the Supply Chain Network
  • Distribution Networking: Role, Design,
  • Supply Chain Network(SCN):Role, Factors, Framework for design decisions.
3 Module 3
3.01 Materials Management
  • Scope, Importance, Classification of materials,
  • Procurement,
  • Purchasing policies,
  • Vendor development and evaluation.
  • Inventory control systems of stock replenishment,
  • Cost elements,
  • EOQ and its derivative modules.
4 Module 4
4.01 Dimensions of Logistics
  • Introduction: A Macro and Micro Dimensions,
  • Logistics interfaces with other areas,
  • Approach to analyzing logistics system,
  • Logistics and systems analyzing: Techniques of logistics system analysis,
  • factors affecting the cost and Importance of logistics.
5 Module 5
5.01 Warehouse and Transport Management
  • Concept of strategic storage,
  • Warehouse functionality,
  • Warehouse operating principles,
  • Developing warehouse resources,
  • Material handling and packaging in warehouses,
  • Transportation Management,
  • Transport functionality and principles,
  • Transport infrastructure,
  • transport economics and Pricing.
  • Transport decision making
6 Module 6
6.01 It in Supply Chain
  • IT framework, Customer Relationship Management(CRM),internal Supply chain management, Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and Transaction Management.Coordination in a Supply Chain
  • Lack of supply chain coordination and the Bullwhip effect, Obstacle to Coordination, Managerial levers, Building partnerships and trust. Emerging Trends and Issues
  • Vendor managed inventory-3PL-4PL,
  • Reverse logistics: Reasons, Role, Activities;
  • RFID systems: Components, Applications,
  • Implementation; Lean supply chain, Implementation of Six Sigma in supply chain, Green supply chain.
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