BE Electrical Engineering Semester 8 (BE Fourth Year)University of Mumbai

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Drives and Control Semester 8 (BE Fourth Year) BE Electrical Engineering University of Mumbai Topics and Syllabus

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Topics with syllabus and resources

100.00 Electrical Drives: Introduction andDynamics
  • Introduction, Advantages of Electrical Drives, Parts of Electrical Drives, Choice of Electrical Drives, Status of DC and AC Drives, Fundamental Torque equations, Speed Torque conventions and Multi-quadrant Operation, Equivalent values of Drive Parameter, Measurement of Moment of Inertia, Components of Load Torques, Nature and Classification of Load Torques, Calculation of Time and Energy-Loss in Transient Operations, Steady State Stability, Load Equalization.
200.00 Selection of Motor Power Rating
  • Thermal Model of Motor for Heating and Cooling, Classes of Motor Rating, Determination of Motor Rating.
300.00 Control of Electrical Drives
  • Modes of Operation, Speed Control, Drive Classification, Closed loop Control of Drives.
400.00 DC Drives
  • Review of Speed Torque relations for Shunt, Series and Separately excited Motors, Review of Starting, Braking (Regenerative, Dynamic, Plugging), Review of Speed control, Controlled rectifier fed DC drives (separately excited only): Single phase fully-controlled Rectifier, Single phase Half controlled Rectifier, Three phase fully-controlled Rectifier, Three phase Half-controlled Rectifier, Dual Converter Control, Chopper Control – Motoring and Braking of separately excited and Series Motor. (No numerical from this module) 
500.00 AC Drives
  • Induction Motor drives, Review of Speed-Torque relations, Review of Starting methods, Braking (Regenerative, Plugging and AC dynamic braking), Transient Analysis, Speed Control: Stator voltage control, Variable frequency control from voltage source, Static Rotor Resistance control, Slip Power Recovery - Static Scherbius Drive, Review of d-q model of Induction Motor, Principle of Vector Control, Block diagram of Direct Vector Control Scheme, Comparison of Scalar control and Vector control, Basic Principle of Direct Torque Control (block diagram) of induction motor.
  • Introduction to Synchronous Motor Variable Speed drives
600.00 Special Motor Drives
  • Stepper Motor drives- Types, Torque vs. Stepping rate characteristics, Drive circuits, Introduction to Switched reluctance motor drives and Brushless DC motor drives.

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