BE Civil Engineering Semester 6 (TE Third Year)University of Mumbai

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Design and Drawing of Steel Structure Semester 6 (TE Third Year) BE Civil Engineering University of Mumbai Topics and Syllabus

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CBGS [2014 - 2017]
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Topics with syllabus and resources

100.00 Introduction to Steel Structure
  • Introduction to type of steel, mechanical properties of Structural steel, advantages of steel as structural material, design philosophies of Working Stress Method (WSM)
200.00 Introduction to Limit State Method
  • Limit state Method, limit state of strength serviceability (deflection, vibration, durability, fatigue, fire) characteristics, partial safety factor design loads, partial safety factor for material.
  • Structural steel section .
  • Classification of cross section-plastic, compact, semi-compact slender, limiting width to thickness ratio.
300.00 Simple Connection Bolted and Welded
  • Introduction to bolted welded connection by working stress method and limit state method,
  • Type of bolts, advantage of bolts & welds,
  • simple connection for bolted and welded connection.
400.00 Tension Members
  • Design of tension members with welded and bolted end connection using single angle section & double angle section by Limit State Method, design strength due to yielding of gross section, rupture of critical sections and block shear.
500.00 Compression Members as Struts
  • Design of compression members as struts with welded /bolted end connection using single angle sections & double angle section by Limit State Method.
  • Effective length of compression members, buckling class of various cross sections, limiting values of effective slenderness ratio.
600.00 Compression Members as Column
  • Design of column with single built-up section, design of lacing batten plates with bolted & welded connection using Limit State Method, column buckling curves, effective length of compression members, buckling class of various cross sections, limiting values of effective slenderness ratio
700.00 Column Bases
  • Design of slab bases & gusseted base using bolted /welded connection by Limit State Method.
800.00 Design of Member Subjected to Bending
  • Design of member subjected to bending by Limit State Method ,design strength in bending, effective length, design strength of laterally supported beams in bending, design strength of laterally unsupported beams, single built-up rolled steel section using bolted/ welded connection, shear strength of steel beam, web buckling, web crippling ,shear lag effect.
900.00 Bracket Connection Beam to Column Connection
  • Bolted welded connection by Limit State Method, beam to beam, beam to column connection (simple frame connection, unstiffened and stiffened seat connections.
1000.00 Design of Trusses
  • Determinate truss, imposed load on sloping roof, wind load on sloping roof, vertical cladding including effect of permeability wind drag, analysis of pin jointed trusses under various loading cases, design detailing of member end connection support, design of purlin’s , wind bracing for roof system
1100.00 Design of Welded Plate Girder
  • Introduction of plate girder , design of plate girder using IS 800 provision, load bearing stiffeners, vertical stiffeners, horizontal stiffener
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