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Conventional and Nonconventional Power Generation Semester 3 (SE Second Year) BE Electrical Engineering University of Mumbai Topics and Syllabus

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CBCGS [2017 - current]
CBGS [2013 - 2016]
Old [2000 - 2012]

University of Mumbai Semester 3 (SE Second Year) Conventional and Nonconventional Power Generation Revised Syllabus

University of Mumbai Semester 3 (SE Second Year) Conventional and Nonconventional Power Generation and their Unit wise marks distribution

Units and Topics

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100 Conventional and Non- Conventional Sources of Energy
101 Economics of the Power Plant
  • Load curve, load duration curve, various factors and effects of fluctuating load on operation and methods of meeting fluctuating load. Selection of generating equipment, load sharing cost of electrical energy, basic tariff methods(numericals)
200 Thermal Power Plant
  • Law of Thermodynamics. Analysis of steam cycle-Carnot, Rankine, Reheat cycle and Regenerative cycle.
  • Layout of power plant Lay out of pulverized coal burners, fluidized bed combustion, coal handling systems, ash handling systems.
  • Forced draught and induced draught fans, boiler feed pumps, super heater regenerators, condensers, boilers, deaerators and cooling towers.
300 Hydro Power Plant
  • Rainfall, run off and its measurement hydrograph, flow duration curve, reservoir storage capacity, classification of plants-run off river plant, storage river plant, pumped storage plant, layout of hydroelectric power plant, turbine-pelton, Kaplan, Francis(Francis)
400 Nuclear Power Plant
  • Introduction of nuclear engineering, fission, fusion, nuclear material, thermal fission reactor and power plant - PWR BWR , liquid metal fast breeder, reactors, reactor control, introduction to plasma technology
500 Diesel and Gas Turbine Power Plant
  • General layout, Advantages and disadvantages, component, performance of gas turbine power plant, combined heat power generation.
600 Power Generation Using Non-conventional Energy Sources
601 Solar Energy
  • Solar concentrators and tracking ; Dish and Parabolic trough concentrating generating systems, Central tower solar thermal power plants ; Solar Ponds.
  • Basic principle of power generation in a PV cell ; Band gap and efficiency of PV cells solar cell characteristics, Manufacturing methods of mono- and poly-crystalline cells; Amorphous silicon thin film cells.
602 Wind Energy
  • Basic component of WEC, Types of wind turbine-HAWT, VAWT, Performance parameters of wind turbine, Power in wind, Wind electric generators, wind characteristics and site selection; Wind farms for bulk power supply to grid.
603 Fuel Cell
  • Introduction to fuel cell, principle of operation of fuel cell, Types of fuel cell.
604 Introduction to Other Sources
  • Basics of power generation by using Biomass, geothermal and tidal energy sources, MHD.
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