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Construction Management Semester 8 (BE Fourth Year) BE Civil Engineering University of Mumbai Topics and Syllabus

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CBCGS [2019 - current]
CBGS [2015 - 2018]
Old [2000 - 2014]

Topics with syllabus and resources

100.00 Introduction to Construction Management
  • Concept of Management, Principles of management, contribution by eminent personalities towards growth of management thoughts.
  • Significance of construction, management, objectives and functions of construction management
  • Resources required for construction.
200.00 Construction Projects
  • Unique features of construction industry.
  • Construction projects- classification, characteristics life cycle concept of project etc.
  • Roles and responsibilities of various agencies associated with a Construction project.
  • Pre-requisites of commencing construction work sanctions, approvals to be sought, and feasibility studies.
  • Site layout, organizing and mobilizing the site
300.00 Construction Project Planning and Scheduling
  • Stages of planning in the view of owner/Department as well as contractor.
  • W.B.S, Bar Charts.
  • Network-Terminology, Network Rules, Fulkerson’s rule, skip numbering, Precedence network etc.
  • C.P.M - Activity and event with their types, activity times, event times, critical path, forward pass, backward pass, float and its types.
  • P.E.R.T- Assumption underlying PERT analysis time estimates, slack and its types, probability of completing the project etc.
400.00 Resources Management and Allocation
  • Material Management- Importance, objectives, functions of material management, inventory control, A-B-C analysis, E.O.Q etc.
  • Human Resource Management- Manpower planning, recruitment, Selection training, performance evaluation of worker etc.
  • Financial Management- accounting and Accounting principles, source of finance, cash flows associated with project, time value of money, economic appraisal criterias for project.
  • Resources Allocation Methods- Resource leveling resource smoothening.
  • Introduction to project Management MS Project and PRIMAVERA
500.00 Project Monitoring and Cost Control
  • Supervision, record keeping, Periodic progress reports etc.
  • Updating- Purpose of frequency of updating method of updating a network etc.
  • Time cost optimization in construction projects compression and decompression of network etc.
  • Common causes of time over run and cost overrun and Corrective measures.
600.00 Safety and Health on Construction Sites
  • Common causes of accidents on construction sites, costs of accident, precautionary measures to avoid accidents,
  • Occupational health hazards in construction industry.
  • Safety and Health Campaign.
  • O.S.H.A
700.00 Quality Control
  • Concept of Quality, quality control check list in quality control etc.
  • Role of inspection in quality control,
  • Quality manual, Quality assurance statistical quality control
  • ISO 14000
800.00 Construction Labors and Legislation
  • Need for legislation
  • Acts applicable to Indian construction labours such as payment of wages act, min wages act, workmen’s compensation act, factories act etc.
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