BE Chemical Engineering Semester 5 (TE Third Year)University of Mumbai

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Chemical Reaction Engineering 1 Semester 5 (TE Third Year) BE Chemical Engineering University of Mumbai Topics and Syllabus

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CBCGS [2018 - current]
CBGS [2014 - 2017]
Old [2000 - 2013]

Topics with syllabus and resources

100.00 Introduction and Reaction Kinetics of Homogeneous Systems
  • Various types of reactions:- Reversible Vs irreversible reactions, Homogeneous Vs heterogeneous reactions, Catalytic Vs non-catalytic reactions, Single vs multiple reactions, Auto catalytic reactions, Rate of reaction, Rate constants, Order/ molecularity.
  • Formulation and solution of rate equations for batch reactors for simple and complex reactions. Effect of thermodynamic equilibrium.
  • Temperature dependency-Various Theories.
  • Reaction mechanism and it influence on kinetics, search for plausible mechanism via reaction kinetics
200.00 Methods of Analysis of Experimental Data
  • For Constant volume & variable volume batch reactor – Integral method of analysis of experimental data, Differential method of analysis.
  • Concept of half-life /fractional life.
  • Over all order of irreversible reactions (initial rate method).
  • Empirical rate equation for nth order reactions.
  • Analysis of complete rate of reactions.
  • Partial analysis of rate of reaction.
  • Reversible and irreversible reactions in parallel Reversible and irreversible reaction in series.
  • Homogeneous catalysed reactions.
  • Auto Catalytic reactions.
  • Shifting order reactions.
300.00 Design of Reactor
  • Ideal batch reactor and concept of batch time. Flow reactor and concept of space time / space velocity and holding time / residence time. Ideal mixed flow reactor (MFR) and plug flow reactor (PFR).
  • Design for single reactions:- Single reactor performance of reversible and irreversible first order, pseudo first order, second order reactions for MFR, PFR. Graphical and analytical techniques.
  • Combination of reactors PFR in series / parallel, unequal size MFR in series, performance of the above for the first order and second order reactions. Recycle reactor and auto catalytic reactor. Semi batch reactor and recycle reactor.
  • Design for complex reactions:- Irreversible and Reversible reactions in series and parallel with same or different order in various combinations.
400.00 Heat and Pressure Effects
  • Heat of reaction and its variation with temperature.
  • Variation of equilibrium constant and equilibrium conversion with temperature.
  • Effect of temperature on reactor performance for adiabatic and non adiabatic operations.
  • Case of exothermic reactions in mixed reactor.
  • Optimum temperature progression.
  • Multiple reactions- effect on product distribution.
  • Temperature and scale effect on productivity of reactor.
  • Various problems based on design of non-isothermal reactor are to be solved by using various numerical methods.
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