BE Biotechnology Semester 3 (SE Second Year)University of Mumbai

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Cell Biology Semester 3 (SE Second Year) BE Biotechnology University of Mumbai Topics and Syllabus

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CBCGS [2017 - current]
CBGS [2013 - 2016]
Old [2000 - 2012]

Topics with syllabus and resources

100.00 Cytology
  • Development history of cytology.
  • Cell – basic unit of life: Structure and function of cell,
  • Prokaryotic & Eukaryotic cell
  • Structure and function of various cells such as Viruses, Bacteria, Animals
  • Cell division and cell cycle
200.00 Concept of Cyto-receptors
  • Function of membrane receptors.
  • Methods of introduction of substances to cells:- endo and excocytosis, pinocytosis, phagocytosis.
  • Mechanism of transport substances through membrane
  • diffusion
  • osmosis
  • ion channels
  • active and passive transport
  • ion pumps
300.00 Structural Organization and Mechanism of Sorting and Regulation of Intracellular Transport, Electrical Properties of Membranes
  • Cell wall, nucleus
  • Mitochondria
  • Golgi bodies
  • lysosomes
  • endoplasmic reticulum,
  • structure & function of cytoskeleton and its role in motility
400.00 Cell Signaling
  • Hormones and their receptors
  • cell surface receptor
  • signaling through G-protein coupled receptors
  • signal transduction pathways
  • second messengers, and regulation of signaling pathways
500.00 Cellular Communication
  • General principles of cell communication,
  • cell adhesion and roles of different adhesion molecules,
  • gap junctions
  • desmosomes
  • tight junction
  • extracellular matrix, integrins
  • neurotransmission and its regulation
600.00 Pathogenecity of Cell
  • Living cells Vs dead cell
  • Necrotic Vs pycnotic death
  • Prgrammed cell death
  • Regeneration of cell
700.00 Cancer
  • Types of tumors
  • Molecular basis of cancer.
  • Characteristics of growing tumor cells:- general and morphological changes, biochemical changes, Metastasis, Apoptosis.
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