BE Civil Engineering Semester 8 (BE Fourth Year)University of Mumbai

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Building Services Semester 8 (BE Fourth Year) BE Civil Engineering University of Mumbai Topics and Syllabus

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CBGS [2015 - 2018]
Old [2000 - 2014]

Topics with syllabus and resources

100.00 Machineries
101.00 Lifts and Escalators
  • Special features required for physically handicapped and elderly - conveyors - Vibrators - Concrete mixers - DC/AC motors - Generators - Laboratory services - Gas , Water, air and electricity - Hot water boilers- pumps.
200.00 Plumbing Systems in Building
201.00 Plumbing Services
  • Water Distribution system - Material for service pipes - Service connection - Size of service pipe - Water meter - valves storage tanks
202.00 Drainage System
  • Pipe and traps - system of plumbing - House drainage plans - septic tanks- soak pit
300.00 Electrical Systems and Illumination Design in Buildings
301.00 Electrical Systems in Buildings
  • Basics of electricity - Single / Three phase supply - Protective devices in electrical installations - Earthing for safety -Types of Earthing - ISI specifications - Types of wires, wiring systems and their choice - Planning electrical wiring for building - Main and distribution boards - Transformers and switch gears - Layout of substations.
302.00 Principles of Illumination Design
  • sual task - Factors affecting visual task - Modern theory of light and colour - Synthesis of Light - Additive and Subtractive synthesis of colour - Luminous flux - candela - solid angle illumination - utilization factor - Depreciation factor - MSCP - MHCP - Lans of illumination - Classification of lighting - Artificial lights sources - spectral energy distribution - Luminous efficiency -
303.00 Design of Modern Lighting
  • Lighting for stores, offices, school, hospitals and house lighting. Elementary idea of special features required and minimum level of illumination required for physically handicapped and elderly in building types.
400.00 Refrigeration Principles and Applications
401.00 Thermodynamics
  • Heat - temperature, measurement transfer - change of state - sensible heat - Latent heat of fusion, evaporation,
  • sublimation - saturation temperature - super heated vapour - sub cooled liquid - pressure temperature relationship for liquid
402.00 Refrigerants and Air Conditioners
  • Vapour compression cycle - compressor - Evaporators- Refrigerants control devices - Electric motors - starters - Air handling units- cooling towers - Window type and packed air conditioners - chilled water plant - Fan coil systems - water piping - cooling load - Air conditioning systems for different types of building - Protection against fire to be caused by A.C. systems.
500.00 Fire Safety Services
501.00 Fire Safety Installation
  • Causes of fire in building - safety regulation - NBC - Planning considerations in building like non-combustible materials, construction, staircases and lift lobbies, fire escapes and A.C. system.
  • Special features required for physically handicapped and elderly in building types - Heat and smoke detectors - Fire alarm system, snorkel Ladder - Fire Lighting pump and water storage - Dry and wet riser - Automatic sprinklers
600.00 Rain Water Harvesting
601.00 Rain Water Harvesting
  • Water Audit of India, Concept of rain water harvesting, Methodologies for Percolation / recharge bore pit, Percolation / recharge bore well, Percolation/ recharge well cum bore pit, Harvesting rooftop rainwater, Harvesting driveway runoff.
  • National water harvesters network (NWHN) and some case studies
700.00 Green Building
701.00 Introduction to Green Building
  • Need for a green building, planning and design of green buildings, obstacles, materials used in green building technology, rating system (According to LEED- INDIA)
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