Building Design and Drawing 1 Semester 4 (SE Second Year) BE Construction Engineering University of Mumbai Topics and Syllabus

CBCGS [2017 - current]
CBGS [2013 - 2016]
Old [2000 - 2012]

Units and Topics

100 Module 1 -
200 Module 2 -
300 Module 3 -
400 Module 4 -
500 Module 5 -
600 Module 6 -
 Total -


100 Module 1
  • Classification of structure
  • Load bearing structure
  • Framed structure
  • Composite structure
200 Module 2

Study of different types of staircases for residential buildings.

Study of working drawing of components of G+1 buildings:

  • i) Stepped wall footing and isolated RCC column footing,
  • ii) Framed and paneled doors and flush doors,
  • iii) Casement window, half paneled and half-glazed window,
  • iv) Dog legged staircase.
300 Module 3

(1) Classification of buildings according to NBC-2005. 07

(2) Principles of civil engineering planning and aspect diagram.

(3) Study of building bylaws as per NBC-2005 and local D.C rules.

(4) Study of IS 962- Code of practice for architectural drawings.

(5) Study of sun path diagram, Circulation diagrams and sun shading devices.

(6) Orientation of buildings, setting out of foundation of simple residential building.

400 Module 4
  • Functional planning and design of residential building as per type of structure, owner’s requirements, principles of planning, local byelaws and D C rules.
  • Calculation of setback distances, carpet area, built-up area/floor area and Floor Space Index (FSI).
  • Preparation of line plan for residential structures of all types such as bungalows, row houses, duplex, apartment houses etc., Development of floor plan, elevations, sections, schedule of openings and construction notes/specifications for the given line plan of residential buildings such as for:
  • i) Individual building/Apartments/Row House/Penthouse/Duplex house.
  • ii) Two storied building.

Drawing of furniture details of one/two rooms of the building planned.

500 Module 5
  • Method of preparing working drawings for residential structures such as bungalows and/or apartment houses as per building bylaws, principles of planning, code of practice for architectural drawings -IS 962, and related causes of local D.C rules.
600 Module 6
  • For a given line diagram, preparation of water supply, sanitary and electrical layouts.

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