BE Biotechnology Semester 3 (SE Second Year)University of Mumbai

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Biochemistry Semester 3 (SE Second Year) BE Biotechnology University of Mumbai Topics and Syllabus

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CBCGS [2017 - current]
CBGS [2013 - 2016]
Old [2000 - 2012]

Topics with syllabus and resources

100.00 Introduction
  • Introduction, aims and scope
  • Chemical foundations of Biology- Properties of water, acids, bases and buffers, covalent bonds, Non-covalent interactions in biological systems.
200.00 Biomolecules

Classification, Structure and Functions of :-

  • Carbohydrates
  • Lipids
  • Proteins
  • Nucleic acids
300.00 Enzymes
  • Working of Enzymes
  • Concept of Activation energy and transition state
  • Factors affecting enzyme activity- pH, Temperature, Substrate & Enzyme Concentration
400.00 Vitamins and Hormones
  • Vitamins: Classification, functions, role in metabolism, vitamins as cofactors.
  • Hormones: Classification, endocrine glands, function and mechanism of action of hormones.
500.00 Metabolism
  • Carbohydrates- Glycolysis, TCA cycle
  • Lipids- Digestion by GI enzymes and breakdown of Triglycerides: α, β, ω oxidation of fatty acids
  • Amino acids- decarboxylation, deamination & transamination. Urea cycle; fate of amino acids (connection to TCA)
  • Electron Transport Chain
  • Photophosphorylation- Photosystems, reaction centers, pigments, cyclic and non-cyclic photophosphorylation, Z pathway
600.00 Bioenergetics
  • Laws of Thermodynamics
  • Concept of Enthalpy, Entropy
  • Energy rich compounds – ATP as energy currency
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