BE Biomedical Engineering Semester 2 (FE First Year)University of Mumbai

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Topics and Syllabus - BE Biomedical Engineering Applied Mathematics 2 Semester 2 (FE First Year) University of Mumbai

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CBCGS [2016 - current]
CBGS [2012 - 2015]
Old [2000 - 2011]

Topics with syllabus and resources

1 Beta and Gamma Functions, Differentiation Under Integral Sign and Exact Differential Equation old
1.01 Beta and Gamma Functions and Its Properties
syllabus ▼ 
1.02 Rectification of Plane Curves
1.03 Differential Equation of First Order and First Degree
syllabus ▼ 
2 Differential Calculus old
2.01 Linear Differential Eqaution with Constant Coeffiecient
syllabus ▼ 
2.02 Linear Differential Equations(Review), Equation Reduciable to Linear Form, Bernoulli’S Equation
2.03 Cauchy’S Homogeneous Linear Differential Equation and Legendre’S Differential Equation, Method of Variation of Parameters
2.04 Simple Application of Differential Equation of First Order and Second Order to Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Problem
syllabus ▼ 
3 Numerical Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations of First Order and First Degree and Multiple Integrals old
3.01 Multiple Integrals‐Double Integration
syllabus ▼ 
3.02 Taylor’S Series Method,Euler’S Method,Modified Euler Method,Runga‐Kutta Fourth Order Formula
syllabus ▼ 
4 Multiple Integrals with Application and Numerical Integration old
4.01 Triple Integration
syllabus ▼ 
4.02 Application to Double Integrals to Compute Area, Mass, Volume. Application of Triple Integral to Compute Volume
4.03 Numerical Integration
syllabus ▼ 
5 Differential Equations of First Order and First Degree
syllabus ▼ 
6 Linear Differential Equations with Constant Coefficients and Variable Coefficients of Higher Order
syllabus ▼ 
7 Numerical Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations of First Order and First Degree, Beta and Gamma Function
syllabus ▼ 
8 Differentiation Under Integral Sign, Numerical Integration and Rectification
syllabus ▼ 
9 Double Integration
syllabus ▼ 
10 Triple Integration and Applications of Multiple Integrals
syllabus ▼ 
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