BE Civil Engineering Semester 7 (BE Fourth Year)University of Mumbai

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Advanced Structural Analysis Semester 7 (BE Fourth Year) BE Civil Engineering University of Mumbai Topics and Syllabus

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CBCGS [2019 - current]
CBGS [2015 - 2018]
Old [2000 - 2014]

Topics with syllabus and resources

100.00 Introduction to Stiffness Method in Matrix Form
101.00 Basic Concepts of Stiffness Coefficients
  • Basic concepts of stiffness coefficients,
  • member stiffness matrix for beam,
  • member stiffness matrix for plane truss,
  • member stiffness matrix for rigid jointed plane frame,
  • member stiffness matrix for plane grid and of space frame
102.00 Properties of Stiffness Matrix
  • Properties of stiffness matrix,
  • co-ordinate transformation matrix,
  • stiffness matrix in local and global co-ordinate axes system,
  • assemblage of structural stiffness matrix and application of boundary conditions
103.00 Joint Loads
  • Joint loads,
  • Equivalent joint loads,
  • method of solution for displacements and computation of internal forces in members
104.00 Application of Stiffness Method to Beams
  • Application of stiffness method to beams,
  • pin jointed trusses,
  • rigid jointed plane frames and simple plane grid structures
200.00 Conventional Form of Stiffness Method, Modified Moment Distribution Method, Kani’S Method
201.00 Symmetrical Structure
  • Symmetrical structure, Symmetric and anti-symmetric loads, Modification of stiffness and carryover factors for symmetric and anti-symmetric loads both for sway and non-sway cases for frames with different support conditions.
  • Application to frames involving side sways
202.00 Fundamental Equation of Kani’S Method
  • Fundamental equation of Kani’s method, frames with side sway and without sway
300.00 Flexibility Method in Matrix Form
301.00 Review of Concepts of Flexibility Coefficients
  • Review of concepts of flexibility coefficients, Flexibility member matrix for beam, member flexibility matrix for plane truss, member flexibility matrix for rigid jointed plane frame, member flexibility matrix for plane grid and of space frame.
302.00 Selection of Primary Structure
  • Selection of primary structure, concepts of flexibility matrix, compatibility equation, solution for redundant forces, computational of internal forces, and joint displacement.
  • Application to pin jointed trusses and rigid jointed plane frames for different loading including the effect of settlement of support, temperature changes and elastic supports.
400.00  Conventional Form of Flexibility Method
401.00 Elastic Center Method

Elastic Center Method and its application to rectangular box, rigid jointed portal frames and fixed arches

402.00 Column Analogy Method
  • Column Analogy Method and its application to analysis of nonprismatic beams,
  • simple rectangular frames,
  • determination of stiffness coefficients and carry over factors for non-prismatic beam members
500.00 5. Influence Line Diagrams for Indeterminate Structures
  • Muller Breslau‘s Principle for drawing influence line diagrams for statically indeterminate structures. Influence Lines Diagrams for propped cantilevers, fixed beams and continuous beams.
600.00 Approximate Method for Analysis of Building Frames
601.00 Approximate Method for Gravity Loads
  • Approximate method for gravity loads: Substitute frame method and equivalent frames.
602.00 Approximate Method for Lateral Loads
  • Aproxipmate method for lateral loads Portal and cantilever method.
700.00 Plastic Analysis of Steel Structures
  • Plastic Analysis of Steel Structures
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