HSC Commerce (Marketing and Salesmanship) 12th Board ExamMaharashtra State Board

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Secretarial Practice 12th Board Exam HSC Commerce (Marketing and Salesmanship) Maharashtra State Board Topics and Syllabus

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Topics with syllabus and resources

100.00 Business Finance
  • Business Finance – Meaning, role, objectives of financial management.
  • Financial planning – Meaning and importance.
  • Capital structure – Meaning and factors.
  • Fixed and working capital – Meaning and factors affecting their requirements
200.00 Sources of Business Finance
  • Nature and significance: Financial requirements and sources. 
  • Methods of raising finance
  • Equity and preference shares
  • Debentures and Bonds
  • Retained profits
  • Public deposits
  • Loan from commercial banks
  • Loan from financial institutions
  • Trade credit
  • Discounting of bills of Exchange
  • Global Depository Receipt,
  • American Depository Receipt.
300.00 Role of a Secretary in the Capital Formation Part 1
  • Meaning of issue of shares at par, premium and discount, at bid price
  • Meaning of Initial public offer.
  • Meaning of bonus issue
  • Meaning of rights issue
  • Meaning of Employee stock option scheme
  • Meaning of private placement.
  • Issue of shares – procedure
  • Allotment – Meaning, conditions for valid allotment, procedure
  • Transfer and Transmission of shares – Meaning, provisions, procedure, difference.
  • Issue of share certificate and share warrant – Meaning, provisions, procedure, difference.
400.00 Role of a Secretary in the Capital Formation Part 2
  • Issue of debentures – procedure, conversion and redemption of debentures.
  • Deposits – invitation, acceptance, renewal, repayment, default and remedies
  • Depositories and dematerialization of securities – meaning, importance, procedure, secretarial duties in issuing securities in dematerialized form
500.00 Declaration and Payment of Dividend
  • Meaning
  • Provisions related to ascertainment of dividend, declaration of dividend and payment of dividend. 
  • Procedure of payment of dividend.
  • Provisions regarding unpaid / unclaimed dividend
  • Interim and final dividend – Meaning and difference
600.00 Correspondence of Company Secretary with Members, Debenture Holders and Depositors
  • Allotment of shares
  • Regret letter
  • Lodgement notice
  • Approval / Refusal of Transfer of shares
  • Issue of bonus shares
  • Distribution of dividend – notice
  • Allotment of debentures
  • Redemption of debentures
  • Conversion of debentures into shares
  • Payment of interest on debentures
  • Letter thanking the investor for deposits
  • Payment of interest (Basic information of TDS to be given)
  • Renewal of deposits
  • Repayment of deposits
700.00 Financial markets
  • Concept of Financial market
  • Money market – nature, instruments.
  • Capital market- nature and constituents – primary and secondary market.
  • Distinction between capital market and money market.
  • Stock Exchange – meaning, functions, BSE, NSEI, Trading procedure.
  • Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) objectives, functions.
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