HSC Commerce 11thMaharashtra State Board

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Secretarial Practice 11th HSC Commerce Maharashtra State Board Topics and Syllabus

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Topics with syllabus and resources

100.00 Secretary

Meaning, definition and importance

Types of secretaries:

  1. Personal
  2. Non – profit Association
  3. Co – operative Society
  4. Joint Stock Company
  5. Government department (Qualifications, qualities and functions)
200.00 Joint Stock Company
  • Evolution
  • Definition and Features
  • Merits and limitations
  • Formation of Joint stock Company – Stages – Promotion, Incorporation, Capital raising and obtaining Trading Certificate
  • Documents related to the Formation of a Joint stock Company – Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, Prospectus, Statement in lieu of prospectus (Meaning, purpose and contents of each document).
300.00 Machinery Monitoring Joint Stock Company
  • The Central Government’s Department of company affairs
  • The Board of Company Law Administration (Company Law Board / National company Law Tribunal )
  • Registrar of Companies.
  • Advisory Committee
  • Jurisdiction of court (brief outline of the role in monitoring mechanism)
400.00 Structural Organization of a Joint Stock Company
  • Shareholders – Acquisition of membership, rights and termination
  • Board of Directors – Qualifications, appointment, Powers, duties.
  • Managing Director – Qualifications, appointment, powers, duties and remuneration.
  • Auditor – Meaning, functions, rights, appointment, remuneration and removal.
  • Company Secretary – Appointment, rights and responsibilities, remuneration.
500.00 Company Meetings
  • Provisions for convening and conducting a valid meeting.
  • Provisions related to Notice, Agenda, Quorum, Proxy, Voting, Motions, Amendments, Resolutions, Minutes.
  • Types of Meetings – Statutory Meeting, Annual General Meeting, Extra – Ordinary General Meeting, Meetings of Board of directors.
  • Role of a Company secretary relating to Meetings
600.00 Business Correspondence
  • Basic principles of Business correspondence
  • Importance
  • Layout of a Business Letter
  • Essentials of a good business letter
  • Physical appearance of business letter
  • Precaution to be taken while writing business letters.
700.00 Secretarial Correspondence

701.00 Correspondence with Directors
  • Notice of Meeting with agenda
  • Sending a brief report to directors who were absent for meeting
  • Reminding the directors about the provision regarding absenteeism of consecutive meetings
  • Requesting a director to be present at a meeting as an expert
  • Removal of a director
702.00 Correspondence with Registrar of Companies
  • Filing Statutory Report
  • Filing Annual Report
  • Extension of time for holding Annual General Meeting
  • Filing special resolution with Registrar of companies
  • Alteration in clauses of Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association
703.00 Correspondence with Banks
  • Opening of an Account
  • Stop payment
  • Issue of a Letter of Credit
704.00 Correspondence with Insurance Companies
  • Enquiry about various policies regarding fire & marine Insurance
  • Asking for fire and marine policies
  • Informing insurance company about damage of goods by fire/marine loss
  • Settlement of claim
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