SSC (Marathi Semi-English) 10thMaharashtra State Board

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Science and Technology - 2 10th SSC (Marathi Semi-English) Maharashtra State Board Topics and Syllabus

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Topics with syllabus and resources

100.00 Heredity and Evolution
1200.00 Amazing World of Carbon Compounds
1300.00 Life's Internal Secrets
1500.00 The Life Cycle
1600.00 Mapping Our Genes
1700.00 Striving for Better Environment 2
  • Use of Efficient and Eco-friendly Technology 
    • Pressure cooker, Solar water heater, biogas
    • Ecoefficiency: alternate raw materials, renewable sources of energy
    • reusing and recycling
  • Sustainable Use of Resources 
    • Conservation of energy
    • conservation of water
    • conservation of biological resources
    • reduction in pollution
    • reduce, reuse, recycle
    • population control
    • consumerism
    • decision making
  • Enforcement of Acts, Laws and Policies 
    • United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
    • The water (prevention and control of pollution) act, 1974
    • The air (prevention and control of pollution) act, 1981
    • The environment (protection) act, 1986
    • Hazardous waste (handling and management) rules, 1989
    • The noise pollution (regulation and control) rules, 2000
    • Biomedical waste (management and handling) rules, 1998
    • E-Waste (management and handling) rules, 2011

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