HSC Arts 11thMaharashtra State Board

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Philosophy 11th HSC Arts Maharashtra State Board Topics and Syllabus

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Topics with syllabus and resources

100.00 Nature of Philosophy and Nature of Moral Philosophy
  • Introduction : Definition of Philosophy : Branches of Philosophy – Metaphysics, Epistemology, Ethics, Logic, Aesthetics
  • Definition of Moral Philosophy, its nature and scope, conduct and character, normative and descriptive sciences
  • Some Moral Concepts – Right, Good, Duty, Virtue
200.00 Concept of Value
  • Meaning of Value
  • Theory of Purushartha
300.00 Evaluation of Action
  • Teleological theories – Hedonism (Charvaka), Utilitarinism (Mill)
  • Deontological theories – Categorical imperative (Kant), Nishkama Karmayoga (Bhagavad Geeta)
400.00 Theories of Punishment
  • Concept of Punishment
  • Natural and Moral evil
  • Presuppositions and purposes of Punishment
  • Theories of Punishment – Deterrent, Retributive, Reformative
500.00 Environmental Ethics
  • Relation of Man with Nature – Indian and Western Model
  • Rights of Animals
600.00 Applied Ethics
  • Nature and scope of applied ethics.
  • Teaching Profession – Teacher - Student relationship
  • Medical profession – Doctor - Patient relationship
700.00 Project Work

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