HSC Commerce (Marketing and Salesmanship) 12th Board ExamMaharashtra State Board

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Organisation of Commerce and Management 12th Board Exam HSC Commerce (Marketing and Salesmanship) Maharashtra State Board Topics and Syllabus

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Topics with syllabus and resources

1.00 Forms of Business Organizations
  • Sole proprietorship, Joint Hindu Family Business – meaning, features, merits and demerits.
  • Partnership – meaning, types, registration, merits, limitations, types of partners.
  • Co – Operative societies – types, merits and limitations.
  • Company – Private Ltd, Public Ltd – merits, limitations.
  • Starting a business – Basic factors.
  • Choice of forms of business organizations.
2.00 Business Services
  • Nature and types of Business services – Banking, Insurance, Transportation, Warehousing, communication.
  • Banking – types of banks, functions of commercial banks, E – banking.
  • Insurance – principles & types of life, fire, marine insurances.
  • Postal and Telecom services.
  • Warehousing – types and functions.
  • Transport – meaning, role, means.
3.00 Emerging Modes of Business
  • E – business – Meaning, Scope and benefits. Resource required for successful E –Business implementation.On – line transactions, payment mechanism.
  • Security and safety of business transactions.
  • Outsourcing – Concept, need and scope.
4.00 Social Responsibilities of Business and Business Ethics.
  • Concept of social responsibility.
  • Cases for social responsibility.
  • Responsibility towards different interest groups, owners, investors, employees, consumers, government, community, public in general.
  • Business ethics – concept and elements.
  • Business and environmental protection.
5.00 Consumer Protection
  • Importance of consumer protection.
  • Rights of consumers.
  • Consumer responsibilities.
  • Ways and means of consumer protection.
  • Consumer awareness and legal redressal with special reference to Consumer Protection Act.
  • Role of Consumer Organization and NGOS.
6.00 Principles of Management
  • Principles of Management – meaning, nature and significance.
  • Fayol’s Principles of Management.
  • Taylor’s scientific management – Principles and Techniques.
7.00 Functions of Management
  • Management Functions 
    • Planning - Concept and Importance of Planning
    • Controlling - Concept and Importance of Controlling
    • Coordination - Concept and Importance of Coordination
    • Directing - Concept and Importance of Directing
    • Organizing - Concept and Importance of Organizing
    • Staffing - Concept and Importance of Staffing
  • Planning – Meaning, Nature, Importance.
  • Organizing – Meaning, Nature, Importance.
  • Staffing – Meaning, Nature, Importance.
  • Directing – Meaning, Nature, Importance.
  • Controlling – Meaning, Nature, Importance.
  • Co – ordinating – Meaning, Nature, Importance.
8.00 Entrepreneurship Development
  • Concept, Functions and Need.
  • Entrepreneurship: Characteristics and Competencies.
  • Process of entrepreneurship development.
  • Entrepreneurship Values: Attitudes and Motivation- Meaning and concept.

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