HSC Science (Electronics) 12th Board ExamMaharashtra State Board

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Information Technology 12th Board Exam HSC Science (Electronics) Maharashtra State Board Topics and Syllabus

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Topics with syllabus and resources

100.00 Web Publishing
  • HTML Page Frames
  • Image Mapping
  • Forms and Form Objects
  • Inserting Sound and Video
  • Use of Unicode and Indian Language Fonts
  • Cross-Browser Testing
  • Introduction to CSS
  • Web Server
200.00 Cyber Laws and Ethics
  • Moral, Ethics and Law
  • Ethics Culture and ethics for computer users, professionals and business
  • Information Service
  • Code and guidelines of ethics
  • Introduction to cyber laws and IT Act of India 2000
  • Digital Signature, Electronic RecordsAttribution, acknowledgement and dispatch.
  • Ten Commandments of Computing
  • Security, Privacy and Control.
  • Intellectual Property Rights
300.00 E-commerce
  • Electronic Commerce-Scope, Definition
  • Trade Cycle
  • Electronic market - Usage, Advantages and Disadvantages, Future
  • Electronic Data InterchangeDefinition, Benefits
  • Internet Commerce, e-Commerce in Perspective
  • EDI Security
400.00 Client Side Scripting Using Javascript
  • Difference in Client and Server Side Scripting
  • JavaScript as universal Client Side scripting language.
  • The Document Object Model
  • JavaScript events and event handling
  • Simple JavaScript programs
500.00 Asp.Net (Using Visual Basic.Net)
  • Introduction and Use of Web Applications, introduction to .net framework
  • Introduction to ASP.net
  • Introduction to the Visual Studio 2008/ 2010 IDE and Source View Control Class
  • Web Server Controls
  • HTML Server Controls
  • Validation Server Controls
  • Components and Applications
  • Introduction to Applications and State Management.
600.00 Database Concepts and Interaction with Asp.Net
  • Microsoft Access Table Relationships, Queries and Query types
  • Introduction to Reports
  • Introduction to SQL and comparison with Access.
  • Introduction to data Access with ASP.NET
  • Connected Data Access and Disconnected Data Architecture, ADO.NET Objects
  • The AccessDataSource Control, its properties and use.
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