HSC Arts 11thMaharashtra State Board

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Information Technology 11th HSC Arts Maharashtra State Board Topics and Syllabus

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Topics with syllabus and resources

100.00 Introduction to Information Technology
  • Information Technology: Definition, Introduction, Information Systems, Software, Data
  • IT in Business, Industry, Home, Play, Education, Training, Science and Engineering
  • Computers in Hiding
200.00 Office Suite
  • Word Processor- Microsoft Word and its main features
  • Spreadsheets – Microsoft Excel and its main features
  • Presentations – Microsoft PowerPoint
300.00 Multimedia
  • Multimedia-Definition, Communication, Components, Building Blocks, Scope, Uses, Application purposes.
  • Overview of Computer Images
  • Digital Audio
  • Overview of Video
  • Flash – Overview and Introduction
  • Multimedia Design and Future Directions
400.00 Web Browsers, E-mail Clients and Messenger Utilities
  • Overview, Working of the Internet and WWW
  • Role of Web Servers, Clients
  • Web Browsers and their use, Popular Web Browsers
  • E-Mail Servers and Protocols.
  • E-mail Clients and Web Based Mail Access using Browser
  • Messenger Services and Clients
  • FTP
500.00 File and Disk Utilities
  • Concept of Files and directories
  • File Archival, compression and encryption
  • Disc Tools (Windows 7) ErrorChecking and Defragmentation
  • Computer Security
600.00 Gif Animator
  • GIF Animation, Image Count, Looping and Repeat Count
  • Colour palettes and Image dither methods
  • Image Parameters
  • Image Transparency
700.00 Vector Graphics Using Coreldraw
  • Introduction
  • Tools and menus
  • Basic drawing working with text-basic
  • Page Layout
  • Printing
800.00 Html
  • Uses, Features, Properties and Limitations
  • Tags and Attributes, Basic Tags, Paragraph and Heading Tags, Comments
  • Ordered and Unordered Lists and Related Tags, Nested Lists
  • Anchor Tag and Hyperlinks in HTML
  • Division and Physical Style Tags, working with Fonts, font types, sizes and colours
  • Body background colour, text colour and hyperlink colours, Pre-formatting, Line Break and Horizontal Rules, Displaying special characters in HTML
  • Images in HTML, related tags and attributes, features of BMP, JPG and GIF Raster image formats
  • Tables in HTML and related tags
  • Marquee
  • Java Applets
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