SSC (Marathi Semi-English) 10thMaharashtra State Board

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Algebra 10th SSC (Marathi Semi-English) Maharashtra State Board Topics and Syllabus

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Topics with syllabus and resources

100.00 Arithmetic Progression
  • Introduction to Sequence
  • Arithmetic Progression and Geometric Progression
  • General term of an Arithmetic Progression and Geometric Progression
  • Sum of the first 'n' terms of an Arithmetic Progression and Geometric Progression
  • Arithmetic Mean and Geometric Mean
200.00 Quadratic Equations
  • Introduction to quadratic equations
  • Solutions of quadratic equations
  • Nature of roots based on discriminant
  • Relation Between Roots of the Equation and Coefficient of the Terms in the Equation Equations Reducible to Quadratic Form
300.00 Linear equations in two variables
  • System of linear equations in two variables
  • Algebraic methods of solving linear equations in two variables
  • Graphical representation of different possibilities of solutions or Inconsistency
  • Graphical method of solving a system of linear equations
  • Determinant of order two
  • Cramer's rule
  • Consistency of pair of linear equations
400.00 Probability
  • Introduction to probability and related terms
  • Classical definition of probability
  • Types of events
  • Equally likely outcomes
  • Probability of an event
  • Properties of Probability
  • Addition theorem (without proof)
500.00 Statistics
  • Brief revision of Tabulation of data, inclusive and exclusive type of tables
  • Mean, median and mode of grouped data
  • Histograms, frequency polygon, frequency curve, pie diagram
  • Ogives (Cumulative frequency graphs)
  • Applications of ogives in determination of median
  • Relation between measures of central tendency
  • Introduction to normal distribution
  • Properties of normal distribution
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