Sociology HSC Science (General) 12th Standard Board Exam Maharashtra State Board Syllabus 2024-25


Maharashtra State Board 12th Standard Board Exam Sociology Syllabus - Free PDF Download

Maharashtra State Board Syllabus 2024-25 12th Standard Board Exam: The Maharashtra State Board 12th Standard Board Exam Sociology Syllabus for the examination year 2024-25 has been released by the MSBSHSE, Maharashtra State Board. The board will hold the final examination at the end of the year following the annual assessment scheme, which has led to the release of the syllabus. The 2024-25 Maharashtra State Board 12th Standard Board Exam Sociology Board Exam will entirely be based on the most recent syllabus. Therefore, students must thoroughly understand the new Maharashtra State Board syllabus to prepare for their annual exam properly.

The detailed Maharashtra State Board 12th Standard Board Exam Sociology Syllabus for 2024-25 is below.

Academic year:

Maharashtra State Board 12th Standard Board Exam Sociology Revised Syllabus

Maharashtra State Board 12th Standard Board Exam Sociology and their Unit wise marks distribution

Maharashtra State Board 12th Standard Board Exam Sociology Course Structure 2024-25 With Marking Scheme



1 Introduction to Indian Society
  • Introduction to Indian Society  
    • Colonialism
    • Nationalism
    • Class
    • Community
  • Ancient and Medieval India  
  • Colonial Period  
  • Post-independent India  
2 Segments of Indian Society
  • Introduction to Segments of Indian Society  
  • Tribal Community  
    • Definitions of Tribe
    • Geographical Distribution of Indian Tribes 
    • Characteristics of Tribes
  • Reasons for Tribal Exploitation  
  • Problems Faced by the Tribal Community  
  • ‘Panchsheel’ Philosophy of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru  
    • Summary of ‘Panchsheel’
  • Tribal Development Efforts After Independence  
  • Rural Community  
    • Definitions of Rural Community
    • Characteristics of Rural Community
  • Problems of Indian Rural Community  
  • Efforts for Rural Development  
  • Urban Community  
    • Definitions of Urban Community
    • Characteristics of Urban Community
  • Major Urban Problems  
  • Efforts Towards Urban Development  
3 Diversity and Unity in Indian Society
  • Introduction of Diversity and Unity in Indian Society  
  • Diversity in Indian Society  
    • Racial Diversity
    • Religious Diversity
    • Linguistic Diversity
    • Regional Diversity 
    • Caste Diversity
    • Class Diversity
    • Gender Diversity
  • Unity in Diversity  
    • Process of unity in India
    • Geographical Unity
    • Religious Unity
    • Political Unity 
    • Linguistic Unity
    • Cultural Unity
  • Challenges to National Unity  
    • Casteism
    • Communalism
    • Regionalism
    • Linguism
    • Economic Inequalities
  • Factors that Are Responsible for Economic Inequality in Society  
4 Processes of Social Change in India
  • Industrialisation  
    • Definitions of industrialisation
    • Characteristics of industrialisation
  • Urbanisation  
    • Definitions of Urbanisation
    • Characteristics of Urbanisation
  • Modernisation  
    • Definitions of Modernisation
    • Characteristics of Modernisation
  • Globalisation  
    • Meaning of Globalisation
    • Characteristics of Globalisation
  • Digitalisation  
    • Definitions of Digitalisation
    • Characteristics of Digitalisation
  • Factors Responsible for Social Change  
5 Social Movements in India
  • Meaning and Nature of Social Movement  
    • Meaning and Definitions of Social Movement
    • Characteristics of Social Movements
  • Types of Social Movements  
    • One way of classifying: Reformist, Redemptive, Revolutionary
    • Another way of classifying: Old and New
    • Distinguishing the new social movement from the old social movements
    • Can we apply the Distinction between old and new social movements in the Indian context?
  • Causes of Social Movements  
  • Social Movements and Social Change  
  • Womens’ Movement in India  
    • The 19th century social reform movements and early women's organisations
    • Agrarian struggles and revolts
    • Post 1947
  • Workers’ Movements  
  • Farmer's Movements  
  • Environmental Movement in India  
6 Social Problems in India
  • Social Problem  
    • Meaning of Social Problem
    • Nature of Social Problem
  • Ageing  
    • Definitions of Ageing
    • Characteristics of Ageing
  • The Problems of Ageing  
  • Measures to Tackle the Problems of Ageing  
  • Concept of Unemployed  
  • Factors Responsible for Unemployment  
  • Consequences of Unemployment  
  • Measures to Tackle the Problem of Unemployment  
  • Farmers’ Suicide  
  • Causes of Farmers’ Suicide  
  • Consequences of Farmers’ Suicides  
  • Measures to Tackle the Problem of Farmer Suicides  
  • Domestic Violence  
  • Causes of Domestic Violence  
  • Consequences of Domestic Violence  
  • Measures to Deal with Domestic Violence  
  • Addiction (Substance, Internet, Mobile)  
    • Meaning of Addiction
  • Types of Addiction  
  • Causes of Addiction  
  • Consequences of Addiction  
  • Measures to Tackle Addiction Problems  
7 Passages
  • Passages  

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