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History and Political Science 10th Standard Board Exam SSC (English Medium) Maharashtra State Board Topics and Syllabus

Academic year:


1.1 Historiography : Development in the West
1.9 Heritage Management
10 History - Imperialism
11 History - 20th Century Age of conflict
12 History - Emancipation of Asia and Africa
13 History - World after World War 2
14 Political Science
101 Geographical discoveries and colonization
103 Asia: India, China, Japan
201 Dictatorships in Europe, Second World War and world
202 First world war
203 The League of Nations
204 Russian Revolution
205 United Nations Organization
402 Scientific and Technological Progress
501 Social Diversity and Democracy
502 Challenges to Democracy Remedial Measures to the Challenges
503 Internal work
504 Democracy
  • Meaning
  • Types and characteristics
505 Political Parties and Types
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