Maharashtra State BoardSSC (English Medium) 6th Standard
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Geography 6th Standard SSC (English Medium) Maharashtra State Board Topics and Syllabus

Academic year:


3 Comparing a Globe and a Map; Field Visits
4 Weather and Climate
5 Temperature
  • Temperature 
    • Temperature
    • Unit of Temperature
    • Temperature scales - Fahrenheit scale, Celsius or Centigrade scale, Kelvin or Absolute scale.
7 Rocks and Rock Types
  • Rock and it's Types 
    • Igneous Rocks 
      • Igneous Rocks
      • Characteristics of Igneous Rocks
      • Types of Igneous Rocks
      1. Extrusive Igneous Rocks
      2. Intrusive Igneous Rocks
    • Sedimentary Rocks 
      • Sedimentary Rocks
      • Characteristics of Sedimentary rocks
      • Types of Sedimentary Rocks
      1. Organic Sedimentary Rocks
      2. Mechanical Sedimentary Rocks
      3. Chemical Sedimentary rocks
    • Metamorphic Rocks 
      • Metamorphic Rocks
      • Types of Metamorphic Rocks
      1. Thermal Metamorphism
      2. Dynamic Metamorphism
      • Formation of Metamorphic Rocks from Igneous rocks
      • Formation of Metamorphic Rocks from Sedimentary rocks
      • Characteristics of Metamorphic Rocks
8 Natural Resources
9 Energy Resources
  • Energy Resources 
    • Non-Renewable Energy Resources:
      a) Coal
      b) Petroleum (or) Crude oil
      c) Natural Gas
    • Conventional Energy Sources:
      a) Thermal pow
      b) Nuclear power
    • Renewable Energy Resources:
      a) Hydropower 
      b) Solar Energy
      c) Wind Energy
      d) Biomass Energy
      e) Tidal and wave Energy
  • Substance-based Energy Resources 
    • Wood
    • Coal
    • Mineral oil and natural gas
    • Biogas
    • Energy from Waste Material
    • Atomic Energy
  • Process-based Energy Resources 
    • Hydel Power
    • Wind Energy
    • Solar Energy
    • Tidal Energy
    • Geo-thermal Energy
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