Maharashtra State BoardSSC (English Medium) 5th Standard
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Environmental Studies 1 5th Standard SSC (English Medium) Maharashtra State Board Topics and Syllabus

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Maharashtra State Board Syllabus For 5th Standard Environmental Studies 1: Knowing the Syllabus is very important for the students of 5th Standard. Shaalaa has also provided a list of topics that every student needs to understand.

The Maharashtra State Board 5th Standard Environmental Studies 1 syllabus for the academic year 2022-2023 is based on the Board's guidelines. Students should read the 5th Standard Environmental Studies 1 Syllabus to learn about the subject's subjects and subtopics.

Students will discover the unit names, chapters under each unit, and subtopics under each chapter in the Maharashtra State Board 5th Standard Environmental Studies 1 Syllabus pdf 2022-2023. They will also receive a complete practical syllabus for 5th Standard Environmental Studies 1 in addition to this.

Academic year:
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1 Our Earth and Our Solar System
3 The Earth and Its Living World
4 Environmental Balance
6 Rules Are for Everyone
7 Let Us Solve Our Own Problems
9 Maps - Our Companions
14 Transport
16 Water
18 The Environment and Us
19 Constituents of Food
21 Busy at Work - Our Internal Organs
  • Human Organ System 
  • Respiration in Organisms 
    • Why do we respire?
    • Respiration in organisms
    • The need for respiration in organisms
  • Human Respiratory System 
    • Conducting Part: 
    1. Nose
    2. Nasal cavity
    3. Pharynx 
    4. Larynx
    5. Trachea
    6. Bronchi
    7. Bronchioles
    8. Terminal bronchioles
    • Respiratory Part
    1. External Nostrils
    2. Nasal Chamber
    3. Pharynx
    4. Larynx
    5. Trachea
    6. Lungs: Bronchi and Alveoli
    • Stages of respiration in human being involve
  • Breathing – Respiratory Cycle 
    • Inspiration (Inhalation)
    • Expiration (Exhalation)
    • Exchange of gases in the Alveoli
    • Difference between inhalation and exhalation
    • Differences between breathing and respiration
    • Model to show mechanism of breathing
    • Control of breathing movements
  • Human Digestive System 
    • Human Digestive System
    1. Alimentary canal 
    2. Associated digestive glands
  • Digestive organ 
  • Human Body 
  • Blood Circulatory System in Human 
  • Human Nervous System 
    • Human Nervous system
    • Need of Nervous System
    • Components of Nervous System
  • Human Skeleton System 
    • The Human skeleton: Exoskeleton and Endoskeleton
    • Function of Human skeleton
    • Constituents of Skeleton
  • Human Excretory System 
    • Kidneys
    • Sweat glands
    • Ureters
    • Urinary bladder
    • Urethra
    • Lungs
    • Kidneys
      ⇒ V.S. of kidney shows that there are two distinct regions:
      1) Renal Cortex
      2) Renal Medulla
    • Nephron
      ⇒ Structure of nephron: Glomerulus, Renal Tubule
      1) Bowman's capsule (Glomerular capsule)
      2) Proximal Convoluted Tubule (PCT)
      3) Loop of Henle
      4) Distal convoluted tubule (DCT)
      5) Collecting tubule (CT)
22 Growth and Personality Development
23 Infectious Diseases and How to Prevent Them
24 Substances, Objects and Energy
25 Community Health and Hygiene
  • Health 
    • Health
    • The significance of 'Health'
    • Personal and Community Issues Both Matter for Health
    • Distinctions between "Healthy" and 'Disease-Free'
  • Hygiene 
  • Community Health 
  • Wholesome Living 
  • Tobacco Abuse 
  • Alcohol Abuse 
    • Alcohol Abuse
    • Effect of Alcohol Abuse
    • Prevention and Control of Alcohol Abuse
  • Drug Abuse 
    • Meaning of ‘drugs’
    • Meaning of 'Drug Abuse'
    • Stimulants and Narcotics - Analgesics
    • Awareness of the fact that the use of certain drugs has been banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) and reasons for the same.

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