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Child Development 12th Board Exam HSC Science (General) Maharashtra State Board Topics and Syllabus

Academic year:


100 Introduction to Child Development
101 Meaning and Scope of Child Development
102 Needs of Children and Various Ways to Meet Them
103 Characteristics of Children During Infancy, Toddler Hood and Early Childhood
104 Rights of Children
105 Importance of Early Years in Individual’S Life
200 Growth and Development
201 Meaning of Growth and Development
202 Factors Influencing Growth and Development
203 Principles of Development
204 Developmental Milestones of Children
300 Pre-natal Development
301 Male and Female Reproductive System
302 Conception
303 Stages of Prenatal Development
304 Signs of Pregnancy
305 Danger Signals During Pregnancy
306 Care During Pregnancy and Delivery
307 Factors Influencing Prenatal Development
400 Neonatal Period
401 Physical Appearance of the New Born Baby
402 Neonatal Adjustment to Postnatal Life
403 Reflexes of Newborn
404 Care of new born
500 Physical Development During Infancy and Early Childhood
501 Meaning and Importance of Physical Development
502 Aspects of Physical Development
503 Physical Development During Infancy
504 Physical Development During Early Childhood
505 Factors Influencing Physical Development
600 Motor Development During Infancy and Early Childhood
601 Meaning and Importance of Motor Development
602 Sequence of Motor Development
603 Development of Gross and Finer Motor Skills
604 Handedness
605 Motor Development During Infancy
606 Motor Development During Early Childhood
607 Factors Influencing Motor Development and Skills
700 Cognitive Development During Infancy and Early Childhood
701 Meaning and Importance of Cognitive Development
702 Mental Process
703 Cognitive Development During Infancy
704 Cognitive Development During Early Childhood
705 Factors Influencing Cognitive Development
800 Speech and Language Development During Infancy and Early Childhood
801 Functions of Language
802 Communication
803 Steps in Speech and Language Development
804 Speech Defects
805 Speech and Language Development During Infancy
806 Speech and Language Development During Early Childhood
807 Factors Influencing Speech and Language Development
900 Emotional Development During Infancy and Early Childhood
901 Meaning and Importance of Emotional Development
902 Characteristics of Children’S Emotions
903 Common Emotional Pattern
904 Emotional Development During Infancy
905 Emotional Development During Early Childhood
1000 Social and Moral Development During Infancy and Early Childhood
1001 Meaning and Importance of Social Development
1002 Role of Family, School and Community in Socialization
1003 Forms of Social Behaivour
1004 Meaning and Importance of Moral Development.
1005 Types of Disciplinary Methods and Its Effects on Children
1007 Elements of Discipline and Types of Disciplinary Methods Adopted by Parents
1100 Early Childhood Care and Education
1101 Need and Importance
1102 Types of Early Childhood Care and Education Centres and Various Activities to Be Conducted in Centres
1103 Integration of Children with Special Needs in Early Childhood Education
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