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Algebra SSC (English Medium) 9th Standard Maharashtra State Board Syllabus 2023-24


Maharashtra State Board 9th Standard Algebra Syllabus - Free PDF Download

Maharashtra State Board Syllabus 2023-24 9th Standard: The Maharashtra State Board 9th Standard Algebra Syllabus for the examination year 2023-24 has been released by the MSBSHSE, Maharashtra State Board. The board will hold the final examination at the end of the year following the annual assessment scheme, which has led to the release of the syllabus. The 2023-24 Maharashtra State Board 9th Standard Algebra Board Exam will entirely be based on the most recent syllabus. Therefore, students must thoroughly understand the new Maharashtra State Board syllabus to prepare for their annual exam properly.

The detailed Maharashtra State Board 9th Standard Algebra Syllabus for 2023-24 is below.

Academic year:

Maharashtra State Board 9th Standard Algebra Revised Syllabus

Maharashtra State Board 9th Standard Algebra and their Unit wise marks distribution

Maharashtra State Board 9th Standard Algebra Course Structure 2023-24 With Marking Scheme



1 Sets
  • Concept of Sets  
    • Representation of a set
    1. Roster Method
    2. Set-Builder Method
    3. Venn Diagram
    • Number of elements of a set
    • Types of Sets
    1. Empty Set
    2. Singleton set
    3. Finite set
    4. Infinite set
    5. Subset
    6. Superset
    7. Proper Subset
    8. Power Set
    9. Equal sets
    10. Equivalent sets
    11. Universal set
    • Operations on sets
    1. Complement of a set
    2. Union of Sets
    3. Intersection of sets
      - De Morgan's Laws
    4. Difference of Sets
    •  Intervals
    1. Open Interval
    2. Closed Interval
    3. Semi-closed Interval
    4. Semi-open Interval
  • Methods of Writing Sets  
  • Types of Sets  
    • Empty Set or Null Set
    • Singleton Set
    • Finite Set
    • Infinite Set 
    • Equivalent Sets
    • Equal Sets
    • Universal Set
    • Subset
    • Proper Subset 
    • Disjoint Sets
    • Power Set
  • Types of Sets  
    • Equal Sets  
  • Venn Diagrams  
  • Subset  
  • Universal Set  
  • Complement of a Set  
    • De Morgan's Law
    • Some Properties of Complement Sets
  • Operations on Sets  
    • Intersection of Sets  
      • Intersection of sets
      • Some Properties of Operation of Intersection
    • Disjoint Sets  
    • Union of Sets  
      • Union of sets
      • Some Properties of the Operation of Union
  • Number of Elements in a Set  
  • Word Problems Based on Sets  
2 Real Numbers
  • Rational Numbers  
  • Properties of Rational Numbers  
    • Commutative Property of Rational Numbers  
    • Associative Property of Rational Numbers  
    • Identity of Addition and Multiplication of Rational Numbers  
    • Negative Or Additive Inverse of Rational Numbers  
  • Decimal Representation of Rational Numbers  
  • Irrational and Real Numbers  
  • Decimal Representation to Identify Irrational Numbers  
  • Square Root of Decimal Numbers  
  • Properties of Order Relation on Real Numbers  
  • Square Root of a Negative Number  
  • Root of Positive Rational Number  
  • Surds  
  • Simplification of Surds  
  • Types of Surds  
    1. Similar or like surds
    2. Pure Surds
    3. Similar Surds
    4. Mixed Surds
    5. Compound Surds
    6. Binomial Surds
  • Comparison of Surds  
  • Operations on Surds  
  • Rationalisation of Surds  
  • Binomial Quadratic Surd  
  • Simplifying an Expression by Rationalization of the Denominator  
  • Absolute Value of Real Numbers  
3 Polynomials
  • Polynomials  
  • Types of Polynomials  
    • Types of polynomials (based on number of terms):
    1. Monomial
    2. Binomial
    3. Trinomial
    • Types of the polynomial (based on the degree):
    1. Linear polynomial
    2. Quadratic polynomial
    3. Cubic polynomial
  • Degree of Polynomial  
    • Polynomial in one variable
    • Polynomial in more than one variable 
  • Form of the Polynomial  
    1. Standard form
    2. Coefficient form
    3. Index form
  • Operations on Polynomials  
  • Synthetic Division  
  • Value of a Polynomial  
  • Remainder Theorem  
  • Factor Theorem  
  • Factorisation of Polynomials  
4 Ratio and Proportion
5 Linear Equations in Two Variables
6 Financial Planning
  • Introduction of Financial Planning  
  • Saving and Investment  
  • Levying of Taxes Or Taxation  
  • Income Tax  
  • Computation of Income Tax  
7 Statistics

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