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Maharashtra State Board Syllabus 2024-25 11th Standard: The Maharashtra State Board 11th Standard Economics Syllabus for the examination year 2024-25 has been released by the MSBSHSE, Maharashtra State Board. The board will hold the final examination at the end of the year following the annual assessment scheme, which has led to the release of the syllabus. The 2024-25 Maharashtra State Board 11th Standard Economics Board Exam will entirely be based on the most recent syllabus. Therefore, students must thoroughly understand the new Maharashtra State Board syllabus to prepare for their annual exam properly.

The detailed Maharashtra State Board 11th Standard Economics Syllabus for 2024-25 is below.

Academic year:

Maharashtra State Board 11th Standard Economics Revised Syllabus

Maharashtra State Board 11th Standard Economics and their Unit wise marks distribution

Maharashtra State Board 11th Standard Economics Course Structure 2024-25 With Marking Scheme



1 Basic Concepts in Economics
  • Introduction to Basic Concepts in Economics  
  • Meaning of Economics  
  • Nature of Economics  
    • Kautilya's Views on Economics
    • Wealth Definition: Adam Smith
    • Welfare Definition: Alfred Marshall 
    • Scarcity Definition: Lionel Robbins
    • Growth Definition: Samuelson
  • Branches of Economics  
    • Micro Economics 
    • Macro Economics
  • Micro Economics  
    • Kenneth Boulding's Definition of Micro Economics
  • Basic Concepts of Micro Economics  
    • Want
      A) Characteristics of wants
      B) Classification of Wants
    •  Goods and Services
    • Utility
    • Value
    • Wealth
    • Personal Income
    • Personal Disposable Income (PDI)
    • Economic activity
      A) Production
      1. Factors of production
      i) Land 
      ii) Labour 
      iii) Capital
      iv) Entrepreneur
      B) Distribution
      C) Exchange
      D) Consumption
  • Macro Economics  
    • Kenneth Boulding's definition of Macro Economics
  • Basic Concepts of Macro Economics  
    • National Income
    •  Saving 
    • Investment
    • Trade Cycles
    • Economic Growth
    • Economic Development
2 Money
  • Introduction to Money  
  • Money  
    • Meaning
    • Definitions
    • Evolution of Money
    1. Barter System
    2. Metallic Standard
    3. Gold Standard
    4. Silver Standard
    5. Paper Currency Standard
    6. Plastic Money
    7. Crypto Currency
    • Functions of Money
    1. Primary Functions
    2. Secondary Functions
    3. Contingent Functions
    4. Other Functions 
  • Barter System  
    • Constraints in Barter System
    1. Lack of double coincidence of Wants 
    2. Non – existence of common measure of value
    3. Lack of direct contact between producer and consumers
    4. Lack of surplus stock
    • Invention of Money 
  • Definitions of Money  
  • Evolution of Money  
    • Barter system
    • Major stages of Evolution of Money
    • Commodity Money
    • Metallic Money
    • Paper Money
    • Credit Money or Bank Money
    • Near Money
    • Recent forms of Money
    • Plastic Money
    • E-Money
    • Online Banking (Net Banking)
    • E-Banking
  • Types of Money  
    • Animal money
    • Commodity money
    • Metallic money
    • Metallic coins
    • Paper Money
    • Bank Money or Credit Money
    • Plastic Money 
    • Electronic Money
  • Qualities of Money  
  • Functions of Money  
    • Primary Functions
    • Secondary Functions
    • Contingent Functions
  • Concept of Black Money  
3 Partition Values
  • Partition Values  
  • Need for Partition Values  
  • Quartiles  
    • Individual Data
    • Discrete Data
    • Continuous data
  • Deciles  
    • Individual Data
    • Discrete Data
    • Continuous data
  • Percentiles  
    • Individual Data
    • Discrete Data
    • Continuous data
4 The Economy of Maharashtra
  • The Economy of Maharashtra  
    • Introduction
    • Administrative Divisions of Maharashtra
    • Important features of the economy of Maharashtra
  • Economic Development of Maharashtra  
    • Agricultural sector
    • Industry
    • Service Sector
    • Co-operative Movement in Maharashtra
5 Rural Development in India
  • Introduction to Rural Development in India  
  • Rural Development  
    • Agricultural sector
    • Industrial Sector
    • Service Sector
  • Rural Development in India  
  • Significance of Rural Development in India  
    • Public health and sanitation
    • Literacy rate in a rural area
    • Empowerment of women
    • Enforcement of law and order
    • Land reforms
    • Infrastructure development
    • Availability of credit
    • Eradication of poverty
  • Agricultural Credit in India  
  • Classification of Agricultural Credit  
    • On the basis of Tenure
      a. Short term
      b. Medium term
      c. Long term
    • On the basis of Purpose
      a. Productive
      b. Unproductive
  • Source of Agricultural Credit in India  
    • Non-Institutional Sources
    • Institutional Sources
6 Population in India
  • Population in India  
  • Trends in Population Growth  
  • Theories of Population Growth  
    • Malthusian theory of population growth
    • Theory of Demographic Transition
  • Stages of Demographic Transition  
    • First stage (Low growth of population)
    • Second stage (High growth of population)
    • Third stage (Low or Stable population
  • Population Explosion in India  
    • Causes of high birth rate
    • Causes of low death rate
    • Measures to check population explosion
  • The Population as a Human Resource  
  • Role of Human Resources in Economic Development  
7 Unemployment in India
  • Unemployment  
    • Introduction
    • Meaning of Unemployment
  • Types of Unemployment  
    • Rural Unemployment
      a. Seasonal unemployment
      b. Disguised unemployment
    • Urban Unemployment
      a. Educated Unemployment
      b. Industrial Unemployment 
      i.  Technological Unemployment
      ii. Frictional Unemployment
      iii. Cyclical Unemployment
      iv. Structural Unemployment
  • Causes for Unemployment  
  • Specific Measures Undertaken by the Government to Generate Employment Opportunities  
8 Poverty in India
  • Poverty in India  
    • Introduction
    • Meaning of Poverty
  • Multi-dimensional Nature of Poverty  
    • Multi-dimensional Poverty Index 2018 Report in Tamil Nadu
  • Concepts of Poverty  
    • Absolute Poverty
    • Relative Poverty
  • Poverty Line  
  • Types of Poverty  
    • Rural poverty
    • Urban Poverty
  • Extent of Poverty in India  
  • Estimates of Poverty  
  • Causes of Poverty  
  • General Measures to Eradicate Poverty  
9 Economic Policy of India since 1991
  • Economic Policy of India since 1991  
    • Introduction
    • Main Objectives of the Economic Policy of 1991
    • Features of the Economic Policy of 1991
  • Components of New Economic Policy (NEP)  
    • Liberalisation
    • Privatisation
    • Globalisation
  • Evaluation of the Economic Policy of 1991  
10 Economic Planning in India
  • Economic Planning in India  
    • Introduction
    • Meaning and Definitions of Economic Planning
    • Features of Economic Planning
  • 12th Five Year Plan (2012-2017)  
  • NITI Aayog (National Institution for Transforming India)  
    • Introduction
    • Think-Tank Functions
    • Structure of NITI Aayog
    • Functions of NITI Aayog
  • Comparison Between Planning Commission and NITI Aayog  

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