PUC Karnataka Commerce Class 12Department of Pre-University Education, Karnataka

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Sanskrit Class 12 PUC Karnataka Commerce Department of Pre-University Education, Karnataka Topics and Syllabus

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Topics with syllabus and resources

100.00 Mangalam
  • Three verses from three Acharyas 10 lines
200.00 Bharat Varnanam
  • Introducing puranic literature 30-40 lines
300.00 Sinhasandwatrishika
  • Introducing a story of medieval period 80-100 lines
400.00 Khanda Kavyam
  • Introduction to ancient katha literature in the form of poetry 40-50 lines
500.00 Abhigyan Shakuntalam
  • Introducing a classical drama 1 Act (Edited)
600.00 Charitrik katha
  • Introducing a story / Personality depicting patriotism 80-100 lines
700.00 Kadambari
  • Introduction to ancient prose literature 80-100 lines
800.00 Shukkatha
  • Introducing a Social story 80-100 lines
900.00 Aadhunik Natakam
  • Introduction to a play compsed by a contemporary poet 1 Act (Edited)
1000.00 Kamandaka Neeti/Chanakya Neeti
  • Introduction to ancient economic/ social system 20-25 lines
1100.00 Kanadak Viparichay
  • Introducing a Personality who dedicated the life for the cause and the protection of Kannada language, the regional culture, etc.
1200.00 Grammer
  • Revision of I PU Grammar declensions, sandhi, Lakaras, samasa, Kridanta, Taddhita, Active Voice, Passive Voice and Impersonal Voice, letter writing, composing a story with the given hint,Comprehension
1300.00 Work Book
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