PUC Karnataka Commerce Class 11Department of Pre-University Education, Karnataka

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Political Science Class 11 PUC Karnataka Commerce Department of Pre-University Education, Karnataka Topics and Syllabus

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Topics with syllabus and resources

100.00 Political Science as a Discipline
101.00 Meaning, Nature and Scope
102.00 Relevance of the Study of Political Science in the Contemporary World
200.00 State
201.00 Meaning, Definition and Elements of State
202.00 Meaning and Distinction Between
  • A. State and Society
  • B. State and Associations
  • C. State and Nation
300.00 Basic Political Concepts
301.00 Introduction
302.00 Sovereignty- Meaning, Features
303.00 Law – Meaning , Kinds
304.00 Liberty - Meaning , Kinds
305.00 Equality- Meaning , Kinds
306.00 Rights - Meaning, Kinds
400.00 Constitution and Governement
401.00 Constitution –Meaning and Significance
402.00 Constitutional Government –Meaning and Features
403.00 Kinds of Constitutions
  • A Written and unwritten –Meaning and Features
  • B Rigid and flexible – Meaning and Features
404.00 Essentials of an Ideal Constitution
405.00 Forms of Government - Meaning and Features
  • A Democratic and Dictatorial
  • B Parliamentary and Presidential
  • C Unitary and Federal
500.00 Constitution of India
501.00 Constituent Assembly
502.00 Drafting Committee
503.00 Preamble of Indian Constitution
504.00 Salient Features of Indian Constitution
505.00 Fundamental Rights and Duties of Indian Citizen and Right to Education (Rte)
600.00 Legislature
601.00 Meaning and Significance
602.00 Legislature in India
  • A. The Union Legislature Rajya Sabha - The Council of States Lok Sabha - The House of the People Composition, Powers & Functions 
  • B.The State Legislature Vidhana Parishad - The Legislative Council Vidhana Sabha - The Legislative Assembly Composition, Powers, & Functions
  • C. Law Making Procedure.
700.00 Executive
701.00 Meaning and Significance Executive in India
702.00 Union Executive
  • A. President: Election, Tenure, Removal, Powers & Functions
  • B. Vice President: Election, Tenure, Removal, Powers & Functions
  • C. Prime Minister & Council of Ministers: Appointment, Powers & functions
703.00 State Executive
  • A. Governor: Appointment, Powers & functions
  • B. Chief Minister & Council Of Ministers: Appointment, Powers & functions
800.00 Judiciary
801.00 Meaning and Significance
802.00 Judiciary in India
  • A. Supreme court: - appointment, tenure, privileges, qualification, removal, powers and functions
  • B. High court: - appointment, tenure, privileges, qualification, removal, powers and functions
803.00 Subordinate Courts

a. Districts courts b. Revenue courts c. Consumer courts d. Family courts E. Lok adalat

804.00 Public Interest Litigation
805.00 Independence of Judiciary
900.00 Democratic Decentralization
901.00 Introduction, Meaning and Importance
902.00 Constitutional Amendments Acts 73 and 74
903.00 Panchayathraj Systems in India with Special Reference to Karnataka

Rural Local Self Government, Urban Local self Government 

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