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Logic Class 11 PUC Karnataka Arts Department of Pre-University Education, Karnataka Topics and Syllabus

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Topics with syllabus and resources

100.00 Nature of Logic
101.00 Introduction
  • Need Of Rational Thinking – Thought As A Problem Solving Process – Logic Is a Science And an Art – Logic Is A Normative Science – Definitions Of Logic – Scope Of Logic – Form Of Thought And Matter Of Thought – Truth And Validity – Uses Of Logic _ Inference: Meaning – Kinds – Deductive Inference And Inductive Inference
200.00 Logic and Language
  • Purpose Of Language – Descriptive, Expressive, Performative, Introgative – Relation Between Logic And Language
300.00 Judgemen, Sentence and Logical Propositio N
  • Meaning Of Judgement, Sentence And Logical Proposition – Difference Between Sentence And Proposition – Difference Between Word And Term – Subject Term, Predicate Term – Classification Of Terms
400.00 Traditional Classificati on of Proposition S

Three-Fold Classification – Categorical, Hypothetical And Disjunctive – Four-Fold Classification Of Categorical Propositions – Distribution Of Terms In Categorical Propositions – Euler’s Circle

500.00 Kinds of Deductive Inference
501.00 Immediate Inference

– Opposition Of Proposition – Square Of Opposition Of Proposition – Eduction

1. Conversion – Rules Of Conversion

2. Obversion – Rules Of Obversion

502.00 Mediate Inference

Meaning – Kinds

1. Categorical Syllogism: Structure – General Rules And Fallacies Of Categorical Syllogism

2. Mixed Syllogism: Meaning – Kinds – Rules And Fallacies

  • A. Mixed Hypothetical Syllogism
  • B. Mixed Disjunctive Syllogism
600.00 Logical Definition

Meaning – Rules of Logical Definition – Fallacies

700.00 Modern and Symbolic Logic and Basic Laws of Thought
  • Modern Classification Of Logical Propositions: Simple, Compound And General – Symbols Of Logical Proposition – Truth Table Of Conjunction. Disjunction, Implication And Negation
  • 1. The Law of Identity
  • 2. The Law of Contradiction
  • 3. The Law of excluded middle
800.00 Basic Elements of Indian Logic
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