PUC Karnataka Arts Class 12Department of Pre-University Education, Karnataka

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Geography Class 12 PUC Karnataka Arts Department of Pre-University Education, Karnataka Topics and Syllabus

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Topics with syllabus and resources

100.00 Human Geography
  • Meaning, Field and Scope of Human Geography
200.00 World Population
  • Growth of population, Density, Distribution and Demographic Cycle.
  • Composition – Age Structure, Sex-Ratio, Rural- Urban, Literacy and Occupation
  • Human Development – Meaning, Indicators.
300.00 Human Economic Activities
  • Primary Activities – Food gathering, Hunting, Animal Rearing, Fishing, Lumbering, Mining and Agriculture.
  • Secondary, Tertiary and Quaternary Activities.
400.00 Transport and Communication
  • Transport – Modes of Transport – Land Transport Roads and Railways, Water Transport – Sea- Routes and Shipping Canals, Air Transport, Pipelines.
  • Communication - Types – Newspapers, Radio, Television, Satellite and Internet.
500.00 Human Settlements
  • Rural Settlements - Location and Types, Urban Settlements, Urban Concept, Urbanization, Urban Issues and Problems.
600.00 Population of India
  • Growth, Density and Distribution
  • Composition – Sex-Ratio, Literacy, Age Structure, Rural and Urban Population
  • Migration – Types, Causes and Consequences
  • Human Development
700.00 Land and Water Resources
  • Land Use Pattern and Land Capability
  • Irrigation – Water Wealth of India and Sources of Irrigation
  • Major Multipurpose River Valley Projects – DVC Project, Bhakra-Nangal Project, Hirakud Project, Upper Krishna Project.
  • Water Conservation and Management, Watershed Management and Rainwater Harvesting.
800.00 Agriculture
  • Importance and Types
  • New Dimensions of Agriculture – Green Revolution,OrganicFarming,TissueCulture and Horticulture
  • Major Crops – Food Crops – Rice and Wheat, Commercial Crops – Sugarcane and Cotton. Plantation Crops – Tea and Coffee.
900.00 Mineral and Power Resources
  • Major Minerals – Iron Ore, Manganese, Bauxite and Gold.
  • PowerResources-Conventionalpower Resources-Coal, Petroleum, Natural Gas, Electricity – Hydro-electricity, Thermal and Atomic Power.
  • Non-Conventional Power Resources – Solar, Wind, Tidal, Bio-gas and Geo-Thermal.
  • Conservation and Management.
1000.00 Manufacturing Industries
  • Locational Factors
  • Industrial Regions of India
  • Major Industries – Iron and Steel, Cotton Textile, Sugar, Cement, Aluminium, Petro-Chemical, Automobile and Knowledge-based Industry.
  • Effects of Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization (LPG) on Industries.
1100.00 Transport, Communication and Trade
  • Land – Roadways, Railways and Pipelines, Waterways – Inland, Ocean and Major Ports, Airways.
  • Communication – Mass Communication, Newspapers, Radio, Television and Satellites.
  • Trade – Types, Imports and Exports, Direction and Composition.
1200.00 Geographical Perspectives on Environmental Issues – Planning and Sustainable Development
  • Environmental Pollution, Types – Water, Air, Noise, Urban Wastes, Disposal, Land Degradation, Deforestation and Urban Slums.
  • Planning in India – Concepts, Planning Process and Types.
  • Sustainable Development.
1300.00 Representation of Geographical Data
  • Sources of Data
  • Geographical Representation of Data – Line Graph – Single and Double. Bar Graph (Vertical) – Single and Double
  • Pie-Diagrams
  • Spatial Information Technologies – GIS, GPS and Remote Sensing.
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