Department of Pre-University Education, KarnatakaPUC Karnataka Commerce Class 12
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Business Studies Class 12 PUC Karnataka Commerce Department of Pre-University Education, Karnataka Topics and Syllabus

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Academic year:


100 Introduction to Management
101 Meaning, Definitions and Features of Management
102 Objectives : Organisational, Social and Personal
103 Importance of Management
104 Management as Science, Art and Profession
105 Levels of Management
  • Top level
  • Middle level Meaning only
  • Lower level
106 Management Functions
  • Planning, Organising, Staffing, Directing and Controlling – Meaning
107 Co-ordination – Meaning and Features
200 Principles of Management
201 Principles of Management
  • Meaning and Features
202 Fayol’s Principles of Management
203 Taylor’s Scientific Management
  • Meaning and Principles.
300 Planning
301 Meaning and Definitions of Planning
302 Importance of Planning
303 Limitations of Planning
304 Planning Process
  • a. Setting objectives
  • b. Developing premises
  • c. Identifying alternative courses of action
  • d. Evaluating alternative courses
  • e. Selecting an alternative
  • f. Implementing the plan
  • g. Follow-up action
305 Types of Plans
  • Objectives, Strategies, Policies, Procedures, Methods, Rules, Programmes, Budgets
400 Organising
401 Meaning and Definitions of Organising
402 Importance of Organising
403 Organising Process
  • a. Identification and Division of work
  • b. Departmentalisation
  • c. Assignment of duties
  • d. Establishing reporting relationships
404 Organisation Structure
  • Functional and Divisional (Meaning, Suitability and Chart)
  • Formal and Informal Orgnisation (Meaning and chart of Formal organisation)
  • Distinction between Formal and Informal Organisation
  • Delegation – Meaning, Elements and Importance
405 Decentralisation

Meaning and Importance

406 Centralisation


500 Staffing
501 Meaning and Definitions of Staffing
502 Importance of Staffing
503 Staffing as a Part of Human Resource Management
504 Staffing Process
  • Meaning and Steps
  • a. Manpower Planning
  • b. Recruitment
  • c. Selection
  • d. Placement and Orientation
  • e. Training and Development
  • f. Performance Appraisal
  • g. Promotion and Career planning
  • h. Compensation (Salaries and Wages Administration)
  •  Recruitment: Meaning and Sources of recruitment
  • Internal sources: Transfers, Promotions (Meaning only)
  • External sources: Direct Recruitment, Casual Callers, Advertisement, Employment Exchange, Placement Agencies, Campus Recruitment, Web Publishing, Labour Contractors, Telecasting (Meaning Only)
  • Selection Process: Meaning of Selection Process, Selection Process:
  • a. Preliminary Screening
  • b. Selection Tests i) Intelligence test ii) Personality test iii) Trade test iv) Aptitude test v) Interest test
  • c. Interview
  • d. Reference and Background checks
  • e. Selection Decision
  • f. Medical Examination
  • g. Job Offer
  • h. Contract of Employment
  • Training and Development - Meaning and Importance Methods of Training : On and Off the job training (Meaning only), On the job training
  • i) Apprenticeship
  • ii) Coaching
  • iii) Internship training
  • iv) Job rotation
  • Off the job training
  • i) Class room lectures
  • ii) Case study
  • iii) Computer modeling
  • iv) Vestibule training (Meaning only for each method of training)
600 Directing
601 Meaning and Definitions of Directing
602 Importance of Directing
603 Elements of Direction
  • Supervision, Motivation,Leadership and Communication.
604 Supervision
  • Meaning and Importance
605 Motivation
  • Meaning, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
606 Leadership
  • Meaning, Leadership styles (Meaning only),Qualities of a successful leader
607 Communication
  • Meaning and Importance of Communication
  • Formal and Informal Communications (Meaning only)
  • Barriers to effective communication
  • How to overcome the barriers of communication?
700 Controlling
701 Meaning and Definitions
702 Importance of Controlling
703 Controlling Process
  • a. Setting Performance Standards
  • b. Measurement of Actual Performance
  • c. Comparing Actual Performance with Standards
  • d. Analysing Deviations
  • e. Taking Corrective Action
800 Financial Management and Financial Markets
801 Financial Management
  • Meaning & Definitions, Role and Objectives of Financial Management, Meaning of Financial Management, Definitions of Financial Management, Role or Importance of Financial Management, Objectives of Financial Management
  • Financial Decisions or Decision- Making in Financial Management
  • Financial planning-Meaning and Importance
  • Fixed and working capital-Meaning and factors affecting their requirements, Fixed Capital-Factors affecting fixed capital requirement, Working Capital-Factors affecting working capital requirements
802 Financial Markets
  • Meaning and types of Financial Markets,
  • Money Market, Money Market Instruments
  • Capital Market
  • Stock Exchange: Meaning, Definition, Features and Functions
  • Trading Procedure on a Stock Exchange
  • Demat Account and Depository Services
  • Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) - Meaning, Objectives and Functions
  • Relevant Terms in Stock Exchange:
  • a) NSEI: (National Stock Exchange of India)
  • b) NASDAQ: (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations)
  • c) Dow Jones Industrial Average
  • d) Bull
  • e) Bear
  • f) Lame duck
  • g) Stag
  • h) Spot delivery
  • i) Forward delivery
  • k) NSE NIFTY
  • l) Blue Chips
900 Marketing
901 Meaning and Definitions of Market and Marketing
902 Marketing Functions
903 Marketing Mix
  • Meaning and Elements of Marketing Mix
  • Product: Meaning - Elements of Product mix - Branding, Grading, Packing, Labelling, Guarantee. Warramtu. Afters Sales Service, Home Delivery
  • Price: Factors affecting pricing decisions
  • Place (Distribution): Physical Distribution, Channels of distribution,
  • Promotion: Meaning and Elements of Promotion: Advertising, Personal Selling, Sales Promotion and Publicity
904 Advertising
  • Meaning and Definitions
  • Objectives
  • Merits and Demerits
  • Objections to Advertising
  • Advertisement copy – meaning and its essentials 
905 Personal Selling
  • Meaning and Features
  • Distinction between Advertising and Salesmanship
  • Qualities of a successful salesman
906 Sales Promotion
  • Meaning and Objects
  • Methods of Sales Promotion
1000 Consumer Protection
1001 Meaning of Consumer and Consumer Protection
1002 Importance
1003 Consumer Protection Act, 1986
1004 Rights of Consumers
1005 Consumers’ Responsibilities
1006 Who Can File a Complaint?
1007 Consumer Grievances Redressal Agencies (Machinery)
  • District Forum
  • State Commission
  • National Commission
1008 Remedies Available
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